Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Day 7: Mistaken Identity

I find it a pretty interesting concept that I saw this building

And thought it was one of two things (because I could only see the LARGE print):

1. A new fitness center
2. A new church

I was strongly leaning towards #2. But turns out, it's actually a movie theater.


I've since come to two specific conclusions:

1. Americans are fat (the author included), and therefore, gyms are spending big bucks on marketing themselves, and making their place look big on frills and worth the money. Which would lead me to entertain the thought that the Rave Cinema could be a workout club.

2. Americans aren't as interested in the "seperation of church and state" anymore.....Or, in this case, the seperation of church and "the world." Because there ARE churches out there that call themselves such unchurchy things, like "Rave," and they market heavily to reach the masses---using every trick in the book to get people in the door. Which would lead me to entertain the thought that the Rave Cinema could be a new church.

This case of "mistaken identity" doesn't bother me so much when it comes to the gym, but I'm thinking the church idea...........well, that's pretty sad. my humble opinion.


baSfsoGp said...

Who knows, Kelly? Maybe it IS a church. Don't they try to draw members with movies now? It could be an "undercover" church so people won't have to "look like" they are attending something religious.

Separation of church and personal public religious commitment.

People going there probably come out feeling better. That's what most people are looking for in religion,isn't it?

JeniBeans said...

Very sad, indeed. =(

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing - we have some "Mega-super" churches around here that have some pretty strange names; I assumed it was the Teen Center for one of those kind of churches. One of these kind of churches here in The Greater Metro has more square footage than the Junior High building in our Hometown...

Our little church that we attend might not be big, flashy, or fancy, but you know before you pull into the parking lot what the denomination is, and that it IS a church...

Thim :)