Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 1: Magical Erasure

My Mom and Dad are coming to visit next week. Which means I'm on a whirlwind to get things nice in and OUT if my house again (you know it's true, Mom!).

They have agreed to stay in our pop-up camper. Our house is a taaaad bit too small for comfortable company, but I really didn't like the idea of them going to another town to stay in a hotel. So the camper is kind of "middle ground": not a hotel, but not cramped, and generally comfortable.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned camper was looking somewhat....shall we say....moldy? Not real mold, mind you, but that harmless green stuff that grows on vinyl. You know, what your patio furniture looks like after a couple of years of living outdside?

Yeah, thaaaaat. IE: not pretty.

So, I got a good tip from a fellow camper on how to spiff up Crusty the Camper....
And all I have to say is......



Double Wow.

These things WORK.

I have scrubbed the camper before. I'm talking s.c.r.u.b.b.e.d. This time, I wiped it clean.


I'll take wiping over scrubbing anyday.

Goodbye Crusty! Helloooooooo Pristine the Pop-up!


JeniBeans said...

Good job, Kell.
I have also used those to get crayon off the bedroom walls. Then I tried the new double-sided didn't get it off, so I don't know what happened or perhaps the boys used the kryptonite-based crayons that time. =)

Hope you have a nice visit.

Alabamabrands said...

Morghann helped Mandi clean cigarette smoke out of their camper with those and said they worked amazing. She's been dying for me to get them. I just can't think of anything I need them for yet, but when I find something I'm sure she'll get me to use them!

RaCeCat said...

I LOVE magic erasers!!! They work on EVERYTHING!!