Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 25: Remember

I am like most Americans....


We have it so good, that we often forget what it's like to have it bad.

September 11th was a cruel reminder of what "bad" is. I don't intend to forget it ever again.

Here's a slideshow type presentation, to help us remember why we have a day called Memorial Day. It wasn't our present war in Iraq that put this holiday on the calendar, but it was a war just like it.....

.....a war where brave men and women lost their lives to protect our right to forget the bad.

And on a personal note:

A special thanks goes out to my beloved Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law. They are both active in the military. He is an Army Reservist, who has done a tour in Iraq

And she is a Naval Officer who has been in the Persian Gulf as well.

I can't say enough how proud I am of both of you, Jon and Jes. I'm so glad you're safe in the States....


Anonymous said...

Add my "Thank yous" to your BIL and SIL for all they do to protect our country.

God Bless them, and all of our military personnel, wherever they are.

jes said...

love you hon!! you are more than welcome. (that's an ole pic though ;op hehe) hope you had a good weekend... i spent it mostly relaxing with ryan :o)

Kelly said...

Yeah, I know!! I wish I had something more recent of you "in action!"

But that fleet picture....makes me yearn for the open sea, I'll tell ya!