Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 24: Back On Track

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Michaela had a pretty good day today! She played with toys all day, revelling in this little item and that, making her masterpieces tirelessly.

I also took her outside for a short time, because she wanted to swing. Yes, she swings very well when she's doing well. That didn't last long though, because her brothers and sister were playing around in the new kiddie pool I got the other day. This is a source of high interest to her. Although she doesn't want to be in the pool herself, she seems to really love watching her siblings splash around.

I tried to put her in the very shallow (we're talking like, 18 inches here) water yesterday, but that didn't fly so well. Do you know the sound that an aggravated chimpanzee makes? Yup. That's what we got. She wouldn't have it. The most water she had interaction with was putting her feet in.

But she loves to watch. And she loves to walk around the pool. And she really likes to rip up grass and throw it in. It is especially funny when she starts demanding the other kids to "Swim!"---sharply pointing to the water. Man, if I could just get HER to "swim." I think the water would be great for her.

I might try again next week. Maybe if I only put a couple of inches in. We could start with that, and add a little every time. That might help her get used to it.

Overall, her slump is past, and she's back to her normal self. Just in time for some "pre-sweltering heat" summer fun and Vacation Bible School. What a good feeling!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad she's back on track!

I know how worried you have been, and we have been keeping y'all in our prayers.

Grab a plastic colander from the Dollar Tree, and let her scoop the grass back out of the pool - maybe she'll get interested and decide to try the water that way.

Have a *great* holiday weekend! :)

Thim :)

JSmith5780 said...

Love the skimming the water hint. Great for hand eye coordination.

Glad life is getting back to 'normal'. I am finally all caught up on your posts!

jes said...

that water trick will prolly help... especially if you get noah or caleb involved... when i used to teach swimming to children a lot were afraid of putting their faces in the water. to get them over this fear i had them all get near the edge of the water and blow bubbles into the water while making noises (you know, like a motor boat?). they thought it was hilarious, and it worked about 99% of the time! let me know how it all turns out!