Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 15: Tag! I'm It!

Thanks to Jeni, I don't have to come up with something spectacular to say today!

She tagged me, and I'm more than happy to oblige. I'm supposed to tell you 8 things about myself; some random facts and/or habits. Hmmmm.....

1. I like puzzles. Specifically, those with Charles Wysocki prints on them. Can't say I like too many others. I don't like hard puzzles, because to me, puzzles should be fun and relaxing. The Wysocki ones are so busy, that it's relatively simple to put together a 1000 piecer. I've been doing them since I was a kid, and still do them with Chris when we have the chance. I have two that I framed, hanging in my bedroom.

2. I bite my nails. A terrible habit in one sense, but definately one of the more benign ones to have. I always seem to gnaw on them during a good book. And overall, I just can't stand to have my nails longer than the edge of my finger. I always end up poking the kids with them!

3. I can't handle watching people kiss. Don't ask me WHY, because I really don't know the answer, but for some reason, I get that "butterfly feeling" when people are kissing. I don't generally watch the wedding kiss. I turn away if I even THINK people are going to kiss in front of me. It doesn't gross me out or anything, but I think I just feel like I'm watching something that's "too private." Or something like that. I just don't know why I feel that way. I'm probably killing myself by owning up to it on here. Now everyone is going to try to kiss in front of me!

4. I have the bad habit of throwing things away. Some people are compulsive hoarders, and I am a compulsive the trash can, that is. Or the dishwasher. Or the laundry basket. If you come over, and don't HOLD your can of Coke, then it is free fodder for getting moved, put in the fridge, or the garbage. I can't stand clutter, and so, I live by this motto: "If it doesn't have a home, either make one quickly or get rid of it!" I actually have a garbage bin for stuff that I might want later (it only gets emptied every once in a while). This is a really bad habit that I'm working on----very hard!

5. I love reading, but have a hard time finding stuff TO read. I'm pretty picky about what I like. No romance (see #3). No sci-fi. No fantasy. Very little fiction. I mostly like true stories, or very plausible fiction (not easy to find, I dare say). Some modern biographies too. That's probably why I like blogging so much. Reading a blog is reading a true story, and that's my favorite stuff to read. Coincidentally, ever since I was a child, I've liked to read true stories about children. My favorite was "Children's Hospital' because it made me cry and cheer. I never thought I'd be living out my own version of that book.

6. One of my habits is to ask questions. I can't say whether this is good or bad. Probably a little of both. Sometimes, it works out very well for me to be so inquisitive. Other times.....not so much. I'm generally the one asking the ONE question that everyone wants to ask, but won't. My nickname at church is, "The Question Box." Thankfully, I've not only learned to ASK questions, but to live with the ANSWER I get. Can't say I've always been so good at that!

7. I feel I am very good at business. My parents have taught me a lot about how to handle billing issues, creditors, money, and the like. I am not as good as my teachers yet, but I feel very confident when it comes to business deals. I don't think I would've been able to mentally take care of all of the ins and outs of Michaela's medical/insurance/disability issues without this ability. I take business transactions very seriously, and I expect the other party(-ies) to act the same. If not, then I have NO PROBLEM calling them on it. Business is business!

8. "Hello, my name is Kelly, and I am addicted to chocolate."
"Hi, Kelly."
Sometimes, I wish my chocolate habit was more of a dark chocolate habit (because it's healthier for you), but either way, it's really a bad one to have when you're looking to lose weight in the near future. I prefer my chocolate with nuts. Any kind of nut is fine. No caramel, please. Peanut butter is welcome in all instances. Cherries with chocolate? No problem, just leave them there on the counter. Chocolate coffee? Oh, you shouldn't have! Yup, it's a pretty bad habit. I DO pride myself on having at least a little bit of control in that area, though. I got a bag of mini Reese Cups for Christmas, and I'm still not finished the bag. Pretty good, huh?

Well, that's that. Don't start the kissing, please. We ARE taking chocolate donations, however.

Here's my tagged bloggers: Dana, Chrystal, Tesia, Kayla, Josh, Poppi, Nicky, and Reba. You can refer to this post for the rules (underlined up top). Have fun gang! Can't wait to see your answers!


JeniBeans said...

Okay, well you're welcome for the topic of today's "Back in the saddle" edition. =)

Anyhoo. I didn't know you were THAT nuts about chocolate, pun intended. I'll have to file that away for future referencabilitization.


Denna said...

Kissing. That is so funny. I have laughed so much at this post. Brooke just ask me what was funny. Kissing!!!That is the funniest thing I have heard today. You are a nut.

Alabamabrands said...

I think the only thing I didn't realize is how much you bit your nails. Everything else I knew- and we haven't used the kissing thing againts you too much. As long as Matt's not reminded of that you should be all right!

jes said...

hehe... first time you meet ryan, it's inevitable... we shall kiss ;op


love ya hon!

Chrystal said...

Oh Kelly, How much we do have in common! I am a nail biter to, and incidentally it is always when I am reading a new book!! At the end of the book I will have nothing left to chew on!! And kissing...I guess you haven't been around David and I enough post marriage...kisses fly everywhere!!! :) Love u!

Dana said...

I did it!!! I actually answered the tag and came up with 8 things about me. Boy, am I boring. Anyway, you have forced me to post two whole days in a row. Woo-Hoo for you!!! :)