Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 26: The Blogging Day That Wasn't

I sat down to blog yesterday, but read my email instead. Then I read all of YOUR blogs. Then I forgot to post.

Yesterday was Gabe's 5 month birthday. I got one picture of Asher that I was going to use, but I forgot to take pics of Gabe. Then he went to bed.

Man, I'm Oh-for-Two!

Perhaps I'll get on it later.....at least the pics, if nothing else! Hope y'all had a relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day. Did anyone think of going to the VA or to a parade yesterday? I was thinking of taking the kids to the nearest VA hospital and then maybe a cemetery. Unfortunately, my best intentions just stayed intentions. Much to my irritation with myself!

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

In other words, hopefully next year! I'd love to hear how y'all spent the day though~!

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Anonymous said...

Let's see - we slept late (yay for sleeping late!) we cooked out (yay for grilled hamburgers!) and we had ice cream (yay for ice cream!).

Otherwise, it was a nice, lazy spring afternoon/evening. We relaxed, and talked and joked, and just generally took it easy - took the day off, in other words.

Except for The Wrench. He had to go to work. :(