Thursday, March 09, 2006

Streams of Conscienceness

Random thoughts. Some major, Some minor, but all a little random. Just a stream of up-dating-ness...


Spoke with Chief this evening, and the Make-A-Wish referral is in. Now we have to be in contact with a local representative who will get some info and we'll talk about her wish. I got a little nervous when I spoke with M-A-W on the phone, though. My contact lady (so far), was like, "OK, so the doctor's paperwork is in, and she qualifies. Now we're going to send someone out there and they'll talk to Michaela about her wish." I was internally freaking out (a little), because Michaela definately cannot make a wish herself. So I reminded the woman about this fact, and she instantly remembered, "Oh, yes! I remember! OK, then they'll talk to you about what you think she'd like." PHEW. I can just see all that goodness wasted on a "My Little Pony" or something....


Chief and I also discussed the Medicaid appeal hearing. He told me that he could simply write up a letter (on that super-important-looking letterhead) that discusses all her issues and how they qualify her. This is going to be the crux of my case (Although, Chief, you're welcome to show up at the hearing and look all big and doctorly and all. That should put the nail in the coffin!). I'm going to back up what he says with medical studies that I've found myself, and some of his notes to prove that he's not just fluffing it for the trial. You know, it's really nice when you can call someone up for help and they're like, "No prob! I'll do whatever you need me to..." WISH I could say the same for the Medicaid people....


In case everyone was wondering, the ticker at the top of the blog is so that everyone can know when Boo's next appointment is. My family is always wondering when she goes back to the doctor, so I thought that the ticker would be a good way for everyone to get their question answered. This month, she's going to a special dentist at Children's Hospital. Unlike our family dentist, this physician specializes in children with handicaps, and will be able to help us take care of her mouth even when it's not working right. Specifically, they have the capability to "knock her out" so that they can get IN her mouth. As of right now (and probably on the 20th too), she doesn't particularly need to see a "specialty" dentist, but I think it will be good either way. That way they already know her, and what she's like at baseline (her good days), and can understand her situation better when she's not doing so well. Next month, she'll be going back to see Chief, and the ticker will change to reflect that. Cool, huh? You can click on mine if you want one of your own....


Unfortunately, Noah's pretty sick. He looks and sounds like he has the croup like Libby did a while back. The "barking seal" cough, the fever, the inability to breathe easily... it's all there. Poor guy. He's rarely sick. The last time was Christmas of '03 when both he and I had the flu pretty bad. He was EXTREMELY sick then. His fever was so high that he was hallucinating. That was pretty scary. Right now, he's having a hard time dealing with it. He keeps crying, "Mama, why do I have to be like this?" Awww, pitiful. He did get to enjoy some really nice weather today though. He decided to take it easy on the porch swing, and eventually he fell asleep:


Went to a consignment sale today. This is where a bunch of Moms get together and clean out their closets and sell a bunch of their kid's stuff to other Moms. It's appropriately called "Kids Kloset", and I go twice a year (or, every time they have it). This is where I outfit my kidlettes with nice/brand name outfits, for a fraction of the cost. I'm not too proud to put used clothing on my kid's backs, and it fairs me well. I usually end up with a lot of stuff by Carter's, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and The Children's Place. And for you other Moms out there, you KNOW that stuff is high quality. For large families, it's the way to go, hands down. There's another sale at the end of the month, and I'll be sure to go and see if I can't get my paws on a few of the items I couldn't get this time around.


Love Cooper. Hate trash. Cooper loves trash. Mama's NOT happy about this recent development. Cooper will find himself finding another past time REAL SOON....or else....


My Mom and Dad are coming into town soon. Haven't seen them since October, when they came to help us paint the "house 'o nicotine" that we bought. Yeah, the place needed a fresh coat of paint BAD. I, personally, don't like the color called "pack a day". And since the previous owner was gracious enough to paint every surface this yellowish color, every inch of the house needed at least a touch up. Mom and Dad stepped up to the plate and painted like crazy people. But that was before we moved in or finished other projects. So this is the first time that they will see the house semi-finished (I don't know if they'll ever see it "finished"--or me either, for that matter).


Are y'all seeing the blog OK? I've noticed when I've accessed the website from a computer other than my own, that the title is REALLY BIG and not in the font that I've picked out. This annoys me. Seeing as how I'm no computer whiz, it took me many hours and plenty of tries to get this blog looking the way I like it. Many hours of lost sleep, just to find out that the general public sees the title in that ugly form. I DID know that the font I picked is not an extrememly common one, but I told the program to pick a secondary one that most people have. I don't like it. I have to tweak this. Perhaps Josh can help me work out this bug. I'd even like to look into a download so that everyone can get a copy of the cool font I picked out. So, let me know what the deal is from your end....and what you're seeing.


I've been working on a project for this blog recently. I was thinking that I would do a series of posts on Epilepsy. What do y'all think? I would address all the different aspects to help all of you out there who don't know too much on the subject. Namely, because the research will help me understand more for Michaela's sake, and I also thought that some of you would benefit from the knowledge also. Epilepsy affects a large number of the human population, and I'd be surprised if there was someone in my readership who DIDN'T know of someone diagnosed with it.


OH! Hey! Sign the guestbook people! Especially if you're related to me--I want to know if you've been here!! Now, stop what you're doing, and JUST DO IT!

Until next time..... ;)


Sister Katie said...

I feel a Scrabble game coming...we can combine it with a "be nice to Sister Kelly" occasion

Kelly said...

OH! I feel like a happy puppy! Scrabble? Scrabble? Did someone say Scrabble? Huh? Huh?


J. No said...

Kelly's title font can be downloaded for free right here: Curlz MT Font

Save the font to C:\Windows\Fonts

Then you should be good to go...