Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Making of A Heart Attack

Asher is 11 months old, but he is incredibly small. His brain doesn't know this, apparently.

I guess it wasn't so bad on my nerves.....I at least had the presence of mind to yell to Noah to get my camera....

Don't worry, Mom. I was close by the whole time.


Katie said...

Has Glitter Boy turned into Spiderman??
He looks happy with the prospect.
See you in the pews :)

Karen said...

Kelly, I'm so glad you stop in to see Camerans site, she is such a little blessing and it seems you have 5, WOW!!
About the Vigabtrin our Neuro is the one who tells us of the pheriphal vision loss its also listed on Thats where I go to get all my side effect info as we too go through the meds! It doesn't say anything about blindness but does mention "Tunnel Vision/Pheriphal Vision loss, if you will". Have you been on a support group on yahoo yet, they have been wonderful to us and are a great wealth of knowledge. Its great to have those that have been there done that! Some there are dealing with LGS that was origanlly IS. Feel free to drop by if you haven't already its at
Also you are very close to me we are 30 mintues out from Nashville, TN! Maybe theres someway to e-mail off here so I don't have to post my e-mail address on here. I'm not sure how to do that though! I look forward to hearing from you again! Best Wishes!!

Karen mommy to Caleb & Cameran(IS Baby)

Mete said...

It's got to be a boy thing - that is the EXACT spot that CG chose as his favorite for about a year. Finally, we had to move the couch, because not only did he climb and stand up there, he learned how to unlock and open the window. Leaning against the window is one thing; leaning against the open screen is definitely arrest-worthy!

JeniBeans said...

oh please, kell! You think that is unusual? Hahahaha I have pictures of my boys doing the SAME EXACT thing! But not with a big fluffly chair underneath to catch them. NOOOOO, with a nice, hard wooden TABLE! Did I freak? nah...course, my boys were quite a bit thicker than Ash.

He might be the daredevil of the family. What fun to sit back and watch and see! heehee

Rachel said...

Definately the daredevil.... see that grin? I know that grin... My younger brother has always had that grin!

Danielle said...

He looks SOOO tiny up there! LOL

Off topic, but did you post a comment on my site about my favorite Starbucks drink?