Thursday, March 23, 2006

It Doesn't Take Much

Let me tell you about something really funny that happened today!

Well, you may not think it's funny....but I laughed so hard I busted a gut!

See, Dad and I were trying to put together a storm door. Well, these things take a lot of work, right? So, we're screwing and drilling and doing everything that needed to be done to get the thing put up, and on one part (well, actually 2) you have to cut metal. The directions say you need a hack saw, but we didn't have one, so Dad took out some kind of folding saw that didn't hardly do anything. So I remembered that my tile guy had left a grinder here and Dad went to get it. WELL, the thing didn't work right! Dad plugged it in and it worked for a minute, but then it quit on him. So he thought maybe it was the outlet. He went to another outlet and it worked for a minute and then it quit again. He kept pressing the power button and shaking the thing and he figured it out! You have to shake it to get it to work (it must've had a short in it's wiring). So there's Dad, shaking the TAR out of this peice of power equipment so he can cut the metal piece. You gotta picture it: shake, Shake, SHAKE! And it goes voom,Voom, VOOM! The faster you shook the thing, the faster it spun the grinder! It was hilarious! Like Fred Flintstone trying to get his car to move! A power tool you have to shake to get it to work right!! HAHAHAHA!!!

OK, well......

I though it was funny.......


Rachel said...

That does seem pretty funny, but pales in comparison to your Guy Smiley spoof below. That was a RIOT! You're very good at that... too much Seseme Street for you? :) Hee hee. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

JeniBeans said... said..."TAR". hahahah.