Friday, March 24, 2006

Tales From The Other Side

As you can see from this site, I like to read other blogs.

I've been a reader for as long as I can remember, and I'm pretty sure that I've always liked to read. Not everyone feels that way. Some only read because they have to. But I read for fun.

However, I have a hard time finding things that I like to read.

See, the type of material I like is mainly biographies and true stories. I have a hard time reading stuff that I can't relate to. Or stuff that is far-fetched. Forget science fiction. There's just no way.

And I don't like historical biographies. You know, George Washington or Napoleon. Uh uh. So that really narrows down the playing field too. Which really stinks, because I really like to read......a lot. And I hate not having a good book around to get immersed in.

Well, then I discovered blogs.

And interestingly enough, there always seems to be a good amount of whatever genre you like to read here in the blogosphere. Some people like politics. Some people like archaeology. Some people like computer technology. There's a healthy dose of blogs out there for all those interests. And that's pretty cool. Instant Barnes and Noble, at no extra cost.

Me personally? I like medical blogs.

And contrary to what you might think, it really doesn't have to do with Michaela and her issues. Well, not entirely. It didn't start out that way, at least. I've been into medical stuff since I was a teenager. I've always liked medical stories, especially those that deal with children. "Children's Hospital" was one of my favorite books in my personal library for a long time. I can't remember when I got it, but I'm pretty sure I was in high school. I could even tolerate medical fiction, particularly if it was based on true events.

So, I know it didn't start out that way, but now it's evolved into this fact: I like to read medical blogs because it shows the other side of my reality. The reality that I have a very sick child (and by sick, I mean, neurologically) who's in doctor's offices more often in one year than many children are in their entire childhood. When we first figured out that Michaela was having seizures, I made sure to make a beeline for the local University with a medical library. I can't remember how long I was there, but I found my info and started reading. I haven't stopped. Many times I read medical literature for her sake, and sometimes, it's for my sake. And then there are times when I simply HAVE to read medical stuff. If I didn't, then I could be found to be too ignorant on a subject that could have some drastic ramifications. And I can't always wait for the doctor to inform me.....they're too busy. So, apart from my natural gravitation to medicine, I now am many times "shoved" into medicine.

Yet, whether I go willingly or I'm led kicking and screaming, you can usually find me reading something of medical significance. It's just what I do now.

Another Mom in the blogosphere who has the same "problem", expressed it in this way:

One of the places where I am most comfortable, is in a medical setting. 95% of my day is spent in some way caring for my dear son. So, the best part of these blogs is coming home. Reading healthcare blogs and especially physician blogs, give me some great perspective and well as some good reading. It is the one area where I feel like I belong. I remember being particularly excited the first time I read FatDoctor'’s blog. I quickly e-mailed my friend who has a child with severe disabilities. I told her that it'’s pretty cool reading her blog because it gives you an idea of what the docs are thinking when you go in for an office visit as well as a different perspective. She fell in love with them too.

And this is why, if you look at my list of blogs, you'll find a few medically oriented sites listed. Many of the blogs in my roll have to do with parenting, kids with special needs, or friends from church, but then there are the doctors and nurses too. These are all people that I relate to. I may not know them in real life (but some I do!), yet we have a common thread, something we can share. And because I hold high standards in my writing, I've made sure to only include sites that don't include offensive content. (But if you find one that does, please note that I am unaware of it.)

So, if you've ever wondered how many bones are in the body (206, generally), why you have to wait so long in the ER, or if that rash on your arm is OK or not, I invite you to read along with me. And have fun reading stories from "the other side."


Danielle said...

Well put! I could just post this post in reverse on my side and you would know how I feel. I LOVE being about to read "tales from the other side." I love to see how parents view the medical system. It breaks my heart when it fails them, and I really, really want to do better than that. Reading blogs about children with medical issues/special needs has given me the "inside track" and I am SO thankful for it.

It goes both ways, eh?

Dream Mom said...


It sounds like we have a lot in common. I love the medical blogs too.

Looking forward to getting to know you better.