Thursday, March 30, 2006

I've Gone Public!

We've all heard of Fantasy Football.


Well, have you heard of the "Fantasy Stock Market?"

I assume you haven't (Unless you're Marty).

Neither had I. Until recently. But just to let you know, this blog has the prestigeous distinction of being one of the "Top 100 Blogs" in the "Ailments, Illnesses and Diseases" industry. Number 80, to be precise. This blog is worth a whopping $42.98 per share! I mean, that's pretty good.......ummm......right? Dad?

There's 4000 shares hop to it all you risk takers! Just drop it all in one bucket. Forget diversifying----that's for wimps! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Hey, ya know how I can raise my value?


JeniBeans said...

Oh my , Kell. Your hobbies just overwhelm me. hahahah

J. No said...

Your stock is returning little value to myself.

Thimbelle said...

Well, congratulations! :)

I know just enough about Blogshares to be REALLY dangerous - to myself and others! ;)

Thanks for your comments over at my blog - amazing how much it helps, just to know that you aren't alone!

T. :)