Monday, March 06, 2006

I Have A Big Bladder

Dontcha just LOVE it when your kids try out new words?

Noah: "I just had a big bladder!"

Me: "You had a what?" Did I hear that right?

Noah: "Yeah, I just had a big bladder, Mom." Accompianied with a good dose of dramatics.

Me: ((chuckling)) "What is that?" Acting like I don't know.

Noah: "You know, when it all comes out from here and here." Gesturing in a downward motion to the front and rear.

Me: ((trying hard to contain outright laughter)) "Um, I think you mean a 'full bladder', Noah"

Noah: ((sheepishly)) "Yeah....."a full bladder."

Caleb: "Whatsa bladder?"

And who said homeschooling was hard? I just taught my first anatomy lesson!


JeniBeans said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Don't you just LOVE kids? heheheheh Hilarious!

Rachel said...

hey... just jumped her from my friends Danielle's site... I really enjoy your wrtiting about motherhood (your precious children). Come visit me anytime.