Monday, February 20, 2006


We knew it was inevitable. In our family, these was just no way we were going to get away with not having a dog. I'm surprised it took us this long. But he's here, and he's pretty great.

His name is Cooper.

Coop is a Black Lab and is about 2 years old. He's one of the best kid dogs I've seen in a while. Although he's a busy, high-energy dog, he's very good with the kids. He's especially good with Michaela. He loves to play fetch (what retriever doesn't?), and your arm'll wear out before he does!

I was a little nervous about getting another dog. Our last pup was killed by a car over a year ago, and Chris was devastated (notice I said Chris...the kids were fine). Ever since then, I've been enjoying a little reprieve from canine-ville. But even I was getting antsy, now that we have the farm.

And he's an outdoor dog. Yeah! Low maintenance, in my mind. I really wanted an outdoor dog. One that would be protective and watchful, but not obnoxious about it. And he fits the bill--perfectly. He barks when something is around, but not otherwise. This is good. REAL GOOD. We really hit the jackpot as far as dogs go.

I'm excited for my boys. Boys need dogs, if you ask my opinion. Especially country boys. And since we've got the "Green Acres" thing going now, I wanted my boys to have their "Old Yeller". Not to mention, dogs keep snakes away. BONUS! I've never grown up around poisonous snakes, and I'm not too psyched about my kids having to think about it everytime they're outside. But now, with Cooper around, it should be a little safer for them to romp and play in the woods and down by the creek. Good, clean, boy things to do.

And the boys are having fun. They like feeding him and playing with him, and having him around when they're playing. Here, they're playing "Bow and Arrows". And there's Coop, right along with them. This picture doesn't show it, but even he had a stick he was toting around!

Poor Asher though! He could only watch from the inside.....

Your turn will come soon, little Buddy!

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jes said...

cooper is gorgeous!!!! i'm so happy you guys got a dog (even if he's an outside one ;op ) and that picture of asher is awesome!! way to go sis!

i had din with liz on saturday night. we talked for about 5 hours straight catching up! she and dan have a beautiful home and i'm so glad she's down here. hopefully we'll find more time to get together. anywho... GET THAT TOE FIXED! YOU'RE CREEPING ME OUT ;Op
love ya, ~jes