Sunday, March 12, 2006

Days Like These

Straight up beautiful day today. The air was fresh, crisp. A touch of breeze, but it was warm, and it ruffled my Sunday best just enough to be refreshing. Days like these, you don't mind your hair messing up a little. And the best part of all was kicking off my shoes and going out barefoot.

Was holding my little niece for awhile. Aww, she's not really my niece, but she'll grow up thinking I'm her auntie, so we're shoving the formalities aside. She was fussy. Wanting her Mama real bad; yet she was busy, so I took over. I guess I'm experienced (so they say), and her crying didn't bother me in the least. I did want to help her feel a little better though, so we went outside.

A little bounce, a little jostle. The rustling of the trees. She was captivated. It was a good trick. I was finding myself lost in it all too. Some bird, I don't know what kind, was calling close by. "Hee Heeeee. Hee Heeeee." Over and over it kept insisting. That, and the "dong, dong" of some chimes made for an impressive duet. And all the while, that breeze.

She was quiet now. Soaking it all in. Relaxing with the bounce and the breeze. We live on a mountain, and the edge was only feet away from where we were. You could see down and out for miles. She couldn't, the little girl. Her eyes aren't quite that sharp yet. But she could see my face. And if she really studied, she could've seen that valley in my eyes.

It's days like these, and places like this, where you feel caught in the middle of earth and heaven. This must be what it's like there: warm breezes, clear skies, content babies. Feeling like you could stand here for eternity. If only the weather wouldn't change. If only the night wouldn't come. Just stay this way, please? I'm living the moment. I want to feel that little piece of heaven longer.

But it's not that way here. On earth, I mean. The bird finds his mate. The clouds take over the blue. She starts to squirm. "Good trick, Auntie, but my tummy hurts, " she says with a howl. Earth wasn't meant to be bliss. We have to wait for that.

It's days like these that make me long for something better. To have my eternity overlooking a bluff, hearing soft music, feeling the breeze on my face. I only get brief snatches now. But they're just enough to whet my appetite so that I'll hold on. I need to hold on. For when all my days are.....

Just like these.


Mitchi said...

I found your website and spent quite a bit of time checking it out. I am glad I found it. I will be able to keep up with not only my concerns for Michaela but also enjoy the rest of your musings about your wonderful life.

Rachel said...

Love this post! :)

nyenhuis_girls said...

I love these wonderful windy days of spring also!! They are just gorgeous...I just found your blog last week...and I really enjoy reading it! Stay encouraged....


mitchi again said...

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