Saturday, March 11, 2006

Glitter Boy Strikes Again

"Mammmaaa...Asher's in the glitter box agaaaaaiiin..."

Was enjoying a nice, peaceful little cat nap with Michaela last evening. Chris was playing with the bigger kids in one of the bedrooms.

Little did we know......

Will someone please tell me why this child loves to eat NON-EDIBLE things?? Thankfully, the cat doesn't really use that "glitter box" (as Caleb and Noah calls it). He just goes out most of the time, but we have it just in case he's stuck inside for a storm or something. And thankfully, it was just cleaned.

But ((cold shiver)) it's still, like, really really gross. Ugh.

Oh, and let me just tell YOU. If YOU have a cat. AND you have a mobile baby with pica. DON'T. I repeat: DON'T. Buy....

Clumping "glitter".

Cuz it clumps.

When you want it to wash away.

Just warning you.


Danielle said...

Does he really have Pica, or were you just kidding? LOL

Kelly said...

Ummm, well, by definition perhaps ALL babies do? I think it's a Freud thing...oral fixation? LOL

But by the looks of it, this kid takes the cake with eating things that should NOT be eaten.

I guess we can't say he doesn't get enough fiber, eh?