Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chatty Cathy

My brain is fried.

"Mama, Mama what's that? What that right there?"

"A picture." (I couldn't really see it, it was a tiny imprint on a book cover)

"No, I said what's THAT right here. In the circle. What's that? What's that, right there? Right there?"

"It's a picture." (I've stopped trying to explain things in detail. It seemingly goes over her head)

"No, I asked you about that, right there. What's that right there? That little thing right there. What's that? Mama, mama, mama, what's that?"

"Michaela, I already told you what it is."

"No, no, no, Mama, it's right here, RIGHT HERE!"

"Michaela, please hush, I already told you what it is"!

"Mmmmm, errrrrrr. I just want you to tell me what it is. What is it Mama? Look it's right there. "

"Michaela, do you know what it is??"

"It's a diamond. A little diamond. It's a DIAMOND, Mama! Yeah, a diamond. Look Libby! What's this? What's this Libby..........."

Rhetorical questions. That's what I deal with ALL DAY LONG....

"Mama, what color is that?"


"YOU'RE RIGHT! IT'S BLUE!! You're right Mama. It's blue. GOOD JOB MAMA!! What color is that? That one, Mama. What color is it?"

"Michaela, do YOU know what color that is?" (I've learned a little of how to get out of the run-around)

"IT'S GREEN! I'm right! It's green Mama! I like green. Green. Mmmm, hmmm, it's green."

But this doesn't stop. FOR HOURS. The only time she's not talking is when she's sleeping (and maybe eating, maybe), and thank God, she takes little naps throughout the day. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the incessant talking is what tires her out so much.

I could use a few naps myself...

How to feel like a hypocrite though. Here I am one day sad because she can't talk to me, and the next day irritated because she won't stop talking to me. And I am honestly flustered. Especially since it starts at 6 am, when I'm still sleeping.

I guess I won't win "Mother of the Year" feeling this way. normal is this?!? Am I allowed to be annoyed?

I guess when it comes down to it, I'll handle it like this: I've decided that I don't like "Abnormal".......on BOTH sides of the spectrum.

And neither do my ears.


Malcolm Parsons said...

Donna recommends a book titled "Al Capone does my Shirts" because it has a character who is an autistic girl.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kel. In less than 24 hours she'll be asking Grammy and Grampa the rhetorical questions. We'll give you a break for a few days. By the way, where did you ever get the picture of Chatty Cathy. I love it!! See you tomorrow nite!

Rachel said...

I say Momma's are aloud to get annoyed and vent. :)

Mom said...

You are a wonderful Mom! One day at a time ... So hoping we can come for a visit one of these days.

Jef N. said...

I'm with you, Kell. Always wishing Brad could answer a simple question or make a simple statement and then promptly overlooking it when he does.

One of my personal favorites lately is when he says, "Dad, can I ask you a question?" I say, "Sure." He says, "I dreamed about football last night." "That's not a question, Brad." "Can I ask you another question?"... etc. etc. until I'm frustrated from trying to explain what an ever-lovin' question actually is. (How do you explain it?)

Anyway... these are life's little jokes on us.

Anonymous said...

Autistic..some people don't really get it, huh?

Danielle said...


How do you make the quotes look all cool like that? LOL I have been wondering for DAYS! Let me in on the secret! LOL Puh-lease!