Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PFTD, Round 2

And Noooowwwww.....The much awaited tale of PFTD, Round 2!

((wild applause))

I'm your host, Guy Smiley, and this is "Kelly's Liiiiiiffffffeeeee!" For those of you readers who are not familiar with the PFTDs, we'll remind you that the acronym stands for:

((audience joins in)) "Project For The Day!!!"

((wild applause))

That's right, ladies and gentleman, you too can now read seemingly endless tales of misery and woe as Kelly struggles to tame the wild beasts that lay slothfully around various parts of her house! This week's rueful tale:


((Ooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhh))

Our story begins on a dark and stormy night....

(stage hand) Oh Guuuuyyyyyy...


(stage hand) That's not how the story begins at all!

It isn't?

(stage hand) No! It was a sunny day when she started to throw random junk in the laundry room!

Oh! I see. Ahem. It was a bright and cheery day when Kelly started to notice that her laundry room was the perfect place to throw miscellaneous items. Things she couldn't seem to find a home for. Old, unwanted things that she didn't take the time to throw away. And since it was the only room with a latching door, it became a great place to hide all the clutter and rick-rack that troubled her. Out of sight, out of mind, they always say!

((audience laughs))

But one day, even Kelly couldn't take it anymore....

"I just can't take this anymore!"

She could hardly even use her laundry room. The piles were so high and so wide, that the clean clothes were starting to get lost! Something had to be done......but what? It would take much too much time to clean out the laundry room, seeing as there were many other chores that had to be taken care of too. But it had to be tackled. Kelly decided that the other chores would just have to wait. This was becoming an emergency!

"I simply must take care of this........TODAY!"

With determination and strength of mind our Heroine started her dreaded task. First, she picked through the garbage:

"This lamp is broken! There's no more deodorant on this stick! Why is this banana peel back here?!?!"

Then, it was the dirty laundry:

"Ewwww! This sock is growing mold!"

And before long, there was only clutter left. Little things that could not be thrown away, but had to find a home of their own:

"Sorry duct tape, no stickin' around. Winter gloves, I'm hanging you out to dry. Toy plane, you are grounded."

After what seemed like half a day, the room was finally clear of debris and junk. But Kelly's task was far from over. Oh no. There's was no stopping her project now. Now, she had to ORGANIZE the room. Put everything away that should be there, and make it all neat. But how to go about it? The laundry room didn't have a closet for storage. Only a few measly cabinets that were almost filled with detergents and cleaners. Yet the linens! They had no place to go! What would our Heroine do now??

"Oh dear! I have all these things to put in here, and no where to store them neatly! What am I to do? WAAAAAAAAAA.............!"

Poor Kelly. So determined to be organized and yet her house is seemingly trying to stay cluttered. But wait! It looks like our Heroine has an idea! Yes! Yes! She's found a storage rack in the garage.......and look! She's placing a corner......of the ROOM! She's neatly laying her towels and sheets on the rack! She's done it folks! She's successfully tamed the laundry room monster!

((wild applause))

And that look of accomplishment on her face says it all! Well, folks, that concludes another chapter in "Kelly's Life". Until next time, I'm Guy Smiley saying, Take a project a day to keep the clutter away!

Good Night!


Kelly said...

This one's for you Heather (my Sesame Street Sidekick) :)

nyenhuis_girls said...

Wow...:) Your posts really crack me up sometimes..:) Rebekah

JeniBeans said...

I must say that this also cracked me up. Would you care to come over and help me with a closet or two? Actually, I am the QUEEN BEE of decluttering! hahaha. er uh, except for the garage. We'll discuss that at a later date and time. Ta.

Aim,Jaim, whatever said...

Okay Kell, we all know that you completely blew it way out of proportion. You Never really have clutter. It was probably a toy and a lamp amist some clean and drity laundry.....HUH???? Kelly..Clutter...NOPE..I guess we all have a different definition of clutter. It was amusing, but you know me...I don't laugh at the coffee mug, t-shirt catalogs

pushypaws said...

You are WAAAAYYYYY too much like me! Even down to the "finding a rack in the garage" to make do for some functional purpose, for which you do not have the money to actually PURCHASE an organizational item but it is an item you positively MUST have! HA! The feeling of accomplishment can ONLY be appreciated by one who knows exactly what you are talking about. Oh, and all of my friends (with the exception of Aunt Yvonne, who lend new meaning to the word neat freak) think I'm an absolutely extreme neat freak nut. Now really - my non-clutter is just in the places you can readily see. I mean really ... where DO you put all the items that don't have an actual home. And the answer is? bing...! You invent one! :)