Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hail to The Chief

He started it.

It might have been when I broke down the first day I met him (I was pregnant and stressed, OK?). Or....hmmmm.....when I was completely (yet, nicely) pushing for something I wanted and he didn't. But either way, no matter when it started, he definately started it.

He calls me Boss.

Yup, I'm "Boss", and for those of you who know me, no snickering allowed.

What I'm talking about is Michaela's newest neurologist. He calls me Boss, and rightly so. It kinda took me aback at first, but I'm the kind of person who likes casual nicknames, so Boss it was. It actually kinda helped. Cuz he used to call me "Mom". And that is just so weird. My own children don't even call me that (it's Mama). Mrs. Morris didn't work either--yuck yuck yuck. Hate that. I only use that when I'm trying to sound strict. Like, when I have to call the insurance companies and force them to pay up...

"Yes, this is MRS. MORRIS, and I would like to speak to your manager, PLEASE."

That's when I like that moniker alot. But not from my child's doctor, who, by the way, is NOT much older than me. Needless to say, Mom, and Mrs. Morris tasted funny.

But Boss fits me well.

I think it's because I'm pretty involved in my daughter's medical treatment. (understatment) I make it a point to learn as much as I can, including the lingo, and engage in intellectual jousting matches with her doctors. She's MY ultimate responsibility, right? So I ask any question I want, don't take things for granted, and have him photocopy literature to understand what he's getting at. It's not that I mistrust him, or doubt him, for that matter. But I just can't stand not knowing what's going on. I HATE when doctors talk doctor-speak to each other, and baby-talk to me. I'd rather look a word up after the conversation than be talked down to. See, I've worked for doctors, with doctors, and have been to nursing school (umm, a little), and I now live with small children. I need a little mental stimulation!

So anyway. He got on this "Boss" kick. And I don't know when it happened, but I started calling him "Chief." As in "Chief of Neurology." I now have a few "chiefs" in this corporation. Chief of Surgery (Dr. S), Chief of Nutritional Implementation (dearest Mel), Chief of Liguistics (Miss Beth), and Chief of Pediatrics (Dr. P). Michaela is the CEO (Chief Epileptic Officer), and I, I am the Boss. Together we are a highly functioning team. And I feel pretty "in control" of this ship called healthcare, which, recently, has weathered some pretty stormy seas.

Chris calls him Tony, but that's just too casual for me. I almost feel disrespectful. But guys can get away with that....I'll just stick to "Chief". Worked so much better than Dr. M---. Especially during those times when Michaela wasn't stable, and a little lightness in the conversation went a long way to making us both feel better about discussing what was going on with her:

"Well, Boss, it doesn't look too good. I'm thinking we've got a major problem here."
(Silence) "Alright Chief........Just try to fix it, ok?"
"I'm doin' my best Boss."
"Thanks Chief."

Kinda feels more like a Star Trek episode, then finding out your kid's got a potentially-fatal illness. Dontcha think?


JeniBeans said...

hey, hail to the Boss. She rocks! So does the CEO! Love you guys!

mvs said...

You are the best...even though you are a nut!!!
love you..by the way i love nuts..