Friday, February 03, 2006

I HATE Days Like This

It's not that I hate Fridays. But this Friday is gonna be a real bummer. Here's how it goes:

Last night (Thursday), spent a most fun-ly time with Ramblin' Jen-a-fur. Kids galore, Mexican, and 80's music (courtesy of Sirius, ahem, look to the side), made for a most enjoyable evening. Stayed up 'til about 12:30 and went to bed.

Didn't really get to sleep until after 1 am.

Libby started coughing at 3 am. Actually, she wasn't coughing, she was barking like a seal. So, I went to check on her, and the girl was heaving to breathe. Very scary. Picked her up and called Chris to help. I wasn't sure if we were going to have to call an ambulance or something. She simply was breathing through a coffee stirrer. It was that bad. So I had him hold her, while I found some menthol for her to breathe in and open up her throat. That seemed to help. It was obvious she was dealing with some form of croup. Michaela had croup and was in the hospital for it. That was a joke. All they did was put her on a cool-mist humidifier. SO, I figure we could handle it here well enough. After calming down, using a little menthol, and propping her up to sleep, we all fell back to sleep in my bed.

But Libby is a thrasher. She kept waking me up for the rest of the night. You would too if you got repeatedly hit in the face, arms, and legs. It was merciless.

Then Chris got up to go to work at like 4 am. Turned on lights (which I guess doesn't usually wake me up), made noise.

Michaela woke up too. She woke up at like 5 am, but when I went to check on her, she was laying down. So I simply told her to go back to sleep. Guess that was futile. 5:30 she starts calling my name, and Michaela doesn't know how to whisper. So I call back: "Go back to sleep Michaela--it's not time to wake up!". This went on until around 6 am.

6:03 is when my alarm goes off to get Michaela ready for school. Yippee.

So here I am now, blogging instead of going back to bed. I'm running on the Dr. Pepper I drank last night. All the kids are still asleep (Libby's doing much better, seemingly). And I'm seeing the dishes that need to be put in the DW. The med box that I took out last night. The stuff left out from getting Michaela on the bus. Found out I didn't run the load in the dryer yesterday. By the time I'm caught up on my laundry today, I'll have 5-6 loads to fold and put away. And it's got to be today, cuz Saturdays are that much busier.

But there's no food in the house. Unless we wanna eat cat food for dinner. Asher sure thinks it's good.....

Which means I have to go grocery shopping today. And I have to do it before Boo gets home from school. But it's gonna be a tight month, and I have to plan very carefully on tight months. Planning takes me awhile. I find the local deals, write them down, make a list of meals I wanna prepare, write down what I need for them, and make a list of all the other things I need (like lightbulbs). Then we truck to Walmart, where I can get it all in one stop, AND get the competitor's price. It works for me.

But not today. Not all this in one day. It's too much. 'Cuz there's still making meals and washing faces, and changing diapers, and nursing, and homeschooling to be done. There's not enough hours to accomplish all this.

And it's exhausting me just to think about all of it, never mind do it.

I repeat: I hate days like this.

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JeniBeans said...

hate to tell YOU this, but I got home and went to bed...Jef woke me up and said it was 9;15 and the rest of the world was already up! hahaha. Sorry to hear about the tightness of the $$$ but it's the same here. If we were smart, we would act like it is even when it isn't. KWIM? MY house is trashed and I WILL be doing TONS of work, along with make-up homeschooling work today...along with more grocery shopping....yada yada. But we had a blast witchu all last night too! You're a great friend, Kell. Love you muches. Hope Libby is better...