Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Child By Any Other Name......

(Such as:

"Pants Boy"
"Pantser Prancer"
"Dasher and Pantser and Prancer"
"Stinky Pants"
"Ashey Pants"
"Glitter Boy"

and rarely, "Asher")

......Would still be as sweet.

...Happy Birthday Little Man...


Alabamabrands said...

Happy Birthday Asher, you nursery age kid!!
Hold your own in there, buddy and pave the way for Sadie, your tiny counter-part.

continuitygirl said...

You have an incredibly cute child and cat combo!

JeniBeans said...

What an absolutely SWEET picture.

Denna said...

Happy Birthday Asher. I love the picture.

pushypaws said...

Happy Birthday ASHER!!!! That sure is a snuggly "Teedy-peedy" you have there.
Love, Grandma Morris