Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Grand Rounds

For those of you into reading medical blogs, as I am, let me introduce you to "Grand Rounds".

The term is often used in a hospital setting and is similar to "rounds", which is where a doctor will visit each of his/her patients in the morning and determine how best to manage their care that day. As in, "We saw Michaela on rounds today, and decided to wean her off the ativan drip." Grand Rounds, is where doctors and other health care workers in a specific specialty will convene to discuss a particular case or new procedure. This happens less frequently, but is considered to be very informative. It was this type of situation where Michaela's diagnosis was determined.

Here, in the blogosphere, Grand Rounds is a weekly compilation of submitted blog posts from doctors, nurses, patients, and other health care workers. It is "hosted" at a different blog every week. This week, it is being hosted at Fat Doctor, who is on my blogroll (in the sidebar).

When I get around to it, I find Grand Rounds to be very interesting. I don't usually read every post (the health care reform posts are not really up my alley), but there always seems to be one or two that peak my interest. I especially like the ones where a doctor or nurse is dealing with a specific patient; where that encounter really made an impact on them. For this self-proclaimed "true story freak", those are the best posts.

And, as usual, I cannot vouch for ALL the content, but just use some common sense, and you will probably find something of interest that doesn't irk you. If the first thing you see does, don't be afraid to move onto something else---every author is different!

And if I can remember, I will try to post the link for Grand Rounds every week. Let me know if you find this interesting. If I'm the only one, then I won't bother posting about it!

So, here it is: Grand Rounds, Vol II, Number 30.



Speaking of doctors.....

Here's Michaela with her favorite. Can you guess who?

(And, No, Chief, it's perfectly fine for you to read whatever you want. Just, um, go easy on me and use the comment section......I embarrass WAY too easily! Can you tell? HA!)


JeniBeans said...

HAIL TO THE CHIEF ! LOL Nice to finally be able to put a face with the "name" !

Danielle said...

The Chief is CUTE! LOL