Thursday, April 27, 2006

Funnish Type Things


I thought I would share some fun stuff that I have stumbled upon here in the vast universe known as the "internet". Every now and again, I've seen others post some things on their sites that they found especially helpful in being distracting. Well, I've been sidetracked a time or two, and fortunately for YOU, I was thinking clear enough to save the URLs for some of those interesting places. Places that make you wanna say, "cool beans, man" (that is, if you tend to speak 80s, as I often do).


Not Just Your Average Internet Games:
~Chinese Checkers it ain't, but it's still very addicting--like teriyaki steak on a stick kind of addicting....
~I love trivia. I used to think I was good at it. Now I know I STINK.
~Now here's an oldie but goody! Online Etch-A-Sketch!
~You find it online, but you play on your time. The Qfold puzzle--print it out and give it a whirl!
~The best web crossword game I've seen yet--very user friendly.
~My favorite card game--now I can play by myself whenever I want.

Picture-ish Stuff:
~This is why I don't miss living in the Northeast. Reason #1 (scroll down) and Reason #2.
~If you think drugs are bad for YOU, then you should see what they do to THEM
~OK, there's more to do on this site than look at pics, but it's the pics that are the attraction--you'll never think I have a lot of kids again.

Because My Website is Kid Friendly:
~Would you play it on the 'net? Try it! Try it! You'll like I bet!
~Who is Daniel Cook? This is Daniel Cook.
~One of my favorite authors growing up--Shel Silverstein's site.
~Her books are great, but that spelling, "Beatrix", kinda weirds me out....

I Aced Anatomy, And You Can Too:
~Because it's way more fun to say "please rub my sternocleidomastoid" than "please massage my neck"--dontcha think?
~And you really should know where your duodenum is---you just never know when it'll need a good cleaning.
~And although being immortal is not an earthly endeavor, you sure can look like it, if you want.

The Internet Knows It's Weaknesses and Strong Points:
~I hate giving out personal information (can't you tell?). Here's a trick that'll keep spam from gracing your dinner plate, er, your email box....
~The need for speed is all-encompassing. Find out if you've got what it takes....
~Thank God the internet loves cellphones. Because without this registry, telemarketers would too--on your dime!

Even Big Kids Need Toys:
~No pics, just words, but a billboard nonetheless.
~Never seen your name in print? Now you can. At least it looks like print (but it's just pixels-shhhh)
~You are not as good at parking your car as you thought. Don't let your teenagers drive until they've mastered this, PLEASE.
~I haven't tried this, but I really really really want to......not on my site of course. Maybe we can play this game at your place?
~"Mousetrap" for big kids. You wanna turn it off so bad, but it's way too cool to quit early.

My Kinda Funnish Stuff:
~Shakespeare rocks. 'Nuff said.
~You can't have 5 kids and not like saving a few pennies now and then--especially in the kitchen.
~You can't have 5 kids and not almost blow up your kitchen. Sites like this are very helpful.
~I hate the flu. I hate the flu shot. I hate the flu. I hate the flu shot. I can't make up my mind.
~No, you'll never know when you die exactly. Cuz you'll be dead. But it's fun to guess.


I can just hear it now....

"Deeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar! Aren't you coming to bed?"

Don't blame me--you clicked!


J. No said...

That "park the car" game is much harder than parking a real car, by the way.

Katie said...

Oh Sister the Etch-A-Sketch is the best, but I was wondering and I am serious who IS Daniel Cook anyway?!?!

Kelly said...

True Dat! But I still think teens should not drive until they can do it!

He's just some little kid who got the opportunity of a lifetime--have your own show doing all kinds of fun stuff. It's on PBS for preschoolers I think. The kids like the website a lot. They think it's really funny.

BTW: you need to post under your blogger display name now!

Rachel said...

dis.trac.ting. me. from. work. must. quit.

katie said...

i'm scared

Elizabeth said...

Hey Kell - yeah - thanks - now I have new addictions to break ;). That crossword is great - I do the cryptoquip and jumble and sudoku in the paper but the crossword is so frustrating! The website you sent is a great way for beginners to get use to crossword lingo... Do you remember MasterMind? Found that online - fun game. And yeah - I'm terrible at parking the car in general - I think I tried the first level 5 times before I passed!! Sheesh. If my "someday" kids can pass that they'll be pros in my book!