Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

First of all, concerning Michaela and our recent "blow" (which, as I said, was not a true blow, as we've known this all along, but it just hurt to hear it, and my feelings were very raw), I so appreciate everyone's comments and thoughts and prayers. That feeling of gratitude cannot be put into words well enough, so let me just:


And would you believe that she had a pretty good day today? She was talking in sentences, playing on the computer, and answering questions. Quite a change from even yesterday. Still drooling, but, ya know, nothing worth complaining about. Just small puddles.......the swimming pool's still defunct.

So, we'll call this Good Friday. And I'm praying for a future of Good Saturdays, Good Wednesdays, and Good Mondays to boot.

Oh, and a Good Sunday, too!

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