Friday, April 07, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've started this step aerobics class, and man, it's pretty fun. I mean, it's not so bad trying to lose weight and shape up when you're having fun doing it, right? Back in the day, I used to do more strenuous things like rock climbing and playing soccer to get the same effect. But now that I'm old and have birthed a basketball team, I guess I need to work out in a safer manner.

Yesterday she really worked us good. The sweat was dripping, and my knees were killing. As well as my calves and my thighs and any other muscle group that happened to get a rude awakening. It was all good, though, loved it. I just love that YEOW feeling after a good workout.

So class was over and some of us were just hanging around and chatting, when someone got out an old aerobics video.


It was Jane Fonda! In leg warmers! With big hair! And, and, and.........sweatbands!

Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Run for the hills!

I just stood there and stared. There were probably 10 people in the "class", all in various forms of 80's regalia. We're talking bangles, and ponytails on the side, hats flipped up, "balloon" pants, leopard print leotards, electric blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick.

Can you believe we used to wear that stuff??? Those clothes were hideous! Why didn't we know it back then? Why didn't someone call the fashion police?!?!


I've always thought of myself as an "80's child"; a "gen X-er". But sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't try to get rid of that label. Some 80's stuff was so hideous! .......Well, I guess it wasn't all bad. In fact, I DO have some pleasent memories of my life back during that era. I did a little Googling and found some pretty retro stuff......wicked!


Transformers (yes, even girls liked these)

Jell-O Pudding Pops

Trapper Keepers (that classic rrrriiiip!)

Mustangs (according to Chris)

Underoos (too cool, man)

Thermos Lunchboxes (remember the "click" and "zzzzz" sound?)

Rubik's Cube (never beat the thing)

Lots of the music (U2 baby)

Atari (this is the exact one I had)


Garbage Pail Kids (sick)

Dungeons and Dragons (a little too involved)

Richard Simmons (ohhh, ick)

Jim and Tammy Faye Baker (false "profit")

The Challenger Explosion (sad, sad, sad. She was from NH, too)


Anything we wore (especially on our head)

Hair bands

Tiananmen Square

Super Bowl XX (The Pats lost--bad)


Speaking of the 80's, I, like, found this totally gnarly website with, like, theme songs from some way radical kid's cartoons back then. Enjoy dudes! (and if you didn't watch cartoons back then, feel free to enjoy the wonders of Saturday mornings with Stereo even!! Hey, Dan--they have Gummi Bears!!)


Oh, I am sooooooo lame........


Kate said...

Kelly, as a fellow 80's child I can relate. What a laugh I got out of remembering some of these things. Remember the horrible Hubba Bubba soft drink?

Kelly said...

Wow, I don't remember that one at all....but then again, my Mom and Dad didn't let us drink soda too much, so that could be why!

Dan said...