Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where I've Been

No one is sick, VBS is done, and the wedding has turned into a honeymoon. I'm officially home and anxious for some much needed (wanted?) rest. I'm still not unpacked, but who cares? I'm home, and with nothing pressing for a while, I can get to it whenever I feel like it. Sweet laziness!

Here's a recap of my life over the past month or so....


The boys did a little horseback riding for the first time. Actually, I think the "riding" would classify more in the realm of a "pony ride", but these were not ponies. They were full size horses; a good 16 hands high. And yes, even Asher had a turn. He's not afraid of heights.

Can't say I wasn't a little leery of the whole situation, but Chris and "Uncle Joey" are good with horses, so they kept a close hand on the kids and the equines, and all was well. Caleb loved every minute. Asher smiled and clapped. Noah, well.........Noah sometimes worries too much to have fun. Wonder where he gets THAT from?


Bible School went well. It was a somewhat harrowing experience. The nature of the project kept me on my toes much of the time. I was constantly worrying about running out of material. During the 8 day School, we had 1-2 new students every day through the 5th day. This is somewhat unusual. Usually, we have new additions on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days, but I've never heard of anyone coming on the 5th. Not to mention, we figured we'd have 20 students at the most. Day 1? 22. Not a way to be prepared. We were scrambling from the start.
Here's a picture of it. What you can't see on this picture is the main attraction of the project: the marble magnets. The kids not only painted and decorated these metal trays, but they also made magnets to go on them. I thought it was a cool idea (I came up with it myself), but it presented with too many variables.

And of course there were the usual and customary glitches in the road.

I hate glitches.

True glitches are something you're not prepared for, and I HATE being unprepared.

I don't think I started breathing until I left for Tulsa the Thursday of VBS.


Which was interesting.

Firstly, I was in no mood to drive for 10+ hours on Thursday. Not to mention deal with the kids' issues constantly. I was wiped out from VBS. Thankfully, (OH THANKFULLY!) my good friend Kim decided to come along for the ride and help me corral the kids since Chris couldn't come.

Kim likes to drive.

A lot.

((angels singing "Halleluia Chorus" in the background))

Not only did she drive the whole way there, but she drove the entire trip back.

A blessing on my head! Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!

Once we were there, there was a seemingly endless string of late nights, scheduled events, and fattening food. All of which make for a slightly exhausted Kelly.

Remember: this was after the VBS from stress-ville.

I DID enjoy seeing my family for the first time in a long time. Uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents (not to mention my brothers) were there in abundance, and the experience couldn't have been more pleasant. I always appreciate a good reunion. And unlike last time, this was a most happy occasion.

Congrats to Dave and Chrystal!

My wedding advice to them?

The same as Chris and I got:

"Kids Happen"



There were probably many more interesting things that happened to me this past month that I could've blogged about, but alas, my mind fails me. Yet now that things have settled down a bit, perhaps blogging will become a bit more prolific in my future?

We shall see, we shall see......


jaim said...

Glad to have ya'll home safe and sound. At some point after you have a good amount of R&R we'll have to go camping or something. HUH!!! Or maybe just a little Rook.

Alabamabrands said...

Enjoyed the update.

Hope you get some much needed rest and bordom. :)

How wonderful of Kim to drive the WHOLE way! I remember when I used to be able to drive farther distances, but now? HA! It's a blessing if I can drive two hours for Matt.-- well, maybe with the new van now. . . nah!

baSfsoGp said...

I'm glad you're free to blog again.

Kim said...

Your welcome.