Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gadgets For Girls

I am SO excited about doing laundry today!

I just can't wait to fill the dishwasher!

OH! And I really wish y'all would stop emailing me---I want to go mop the floor!



Comon, haven't any of YOU ever had that euphoria that accompanies the recent purchase of a new product? A new little piece of modernization? The "New and Improved" version of something?

For guys, it seems to be the latest techno-advances: XBox, iPod, powertool of some sort. But for the housewife, that illustrious "Queen of The Castle", pure bliss CAN come in a bottle.

A bottle of Triple Action Electrosol with Jet-Dry, that is. (What? Did you think I was thinking of something else?)

Oooooooohhhhh.....I cannot WAIT to see my glasses after using THIS stuff!

I'm dead serious! It's very exciting!

Because there's nothing that irritates more than knowing that you've washed those glasses, and yet your visitors would never know by the plethora of spots displayed on them. That's downright embarrassing. That induces apologies and mortification.

I refuse to apologize ANY MORE!

My peace and sense of refinement are worth the $2 more added to my grocery bill every month.

And I dare say that domestic satisfaction in the form of "Tide with A Touch of Downy" is a WHOLE LOT cheaper than ANY power tool Chris decides to bring home.


You know, there comes a point where frugality must be put in it's place. What's the point in saving $5 a month in laundry detergent, when you'll just have to wash those clothes a second time in order to get them clean? OK, it's not like I have to rewash every load, but the kids get their stuff pretty dirty sometimes. They could USE a good double scrubbing with the stuff I used to use. And it's not that the stuff was that bad, it's just that it wasn't good enough.

Maybe I'm just picky.

But take into account the floors. Why in the world would I be satisfied with floors that look dingy AFTER I've mopped them? Hello? Like I don't have anything better to do than mop all day long?

And I don't particularly care for baby wipes that break apart when I'm changing a dirty diaper, no matter how much I saved on them.

No thank you!

The same goes for paper towels, shampoo, and garbage bags (even Chris is picky about those!). Do I like spending an extra 50 cents on conditioner? Not exactly. My grocery bill is not exactly what you'd call "a minor household expense". Yet, I am starting to see the reasoning behind quality products. This is not to say that some generic brands aren't worthwhile--they are.

I mean, do you really think that Walmart has it's own lightbulb factory?

And no, they don't have their own dairy farms either.

Which means that the generic brands are nothing more than a different sticker.

Yes! And price sticker too!

But last I knew, Walmart doesn't have their own clothes detergent. And if they do, I highly doubt it's made by Proctor and Gamble.


So, needless to say ladies, men aren't the only ones who have the corner of the techno market. I dare say that I've become pretty techno-logical myself.

Except my type of gadgetry keep the men clean.


Well, theirs just make a lot of noise


Kelly said...

Dedicated to Heather, who helped get me off my rear and finally do what I kept telling myself I had to--buy something with a little more "OOMMMFF"!

JeniBeans said...

HA! Love me some TIde, I do. I am also learning that dish detergents are worth their money. Especially when you are like me, and without a dishwasher. Sometimes when you have alot of folks over you dirty lots of dishes. And WHO wants a dish detergent that piddles out before you get done washing all of the dishes? I was doing dishes yesterday and my piddled out before i was done and there weren't even that many to wash! This was the "JOY" brand. From now on I will do my best to remember to always buy a GOOD name brand. Since in THIS case, a name brand wasn't enough.

p.s. I also get excited when I get a new product to try out. i have recently purchased some kind of "multi-purpose cleaner with vinegar" buy Everyday Loving (I think that's the brand) I bought it at Kroger and let me tell you, it's great!

kas said...

I cannot wait to try that Electro-whatever stuff now too! You have enspired me. I am already walking in the light concerning Tide. I am right with you on that one,
And by the way how DO you play Canasta????

jaim said...

It definitly must be a woman thing. It is how we survive...getting excited about soaps and mop and such...That way when there is a bowl of cereal or a cup of red kool-aid spilt on your floor before the sleepy is even out of your eyes you can get excited because you get to use your new mop and new "improved" cleaner that will clean up the red devil (red kool-aid is banned from our house)without a trace...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am so with you! I pay extra for the stuff that really matters! Like, toilet paper, paper towels, Cascade Complete, and so forth... gotta have it!