Monday, June 26, 2006

2 Bee or Not 2 Bee?

Or maybe 1 wasp?

Perhaps 3 horse flies?

Well, no matter what did it, something(s) got Noah GOOD. He came in the house last Thursday night holding the side of his face, trying not to cry too loud. But he was crying. Said he got bit by something, and that it scared him.

Once he let his face go, we could see that there was a spot where he got nabbed, across from his nose on his right cheek. It was red, but nothing more, and we told him we'd put something on it after he got out of the shower.

After the shower, he never complained again. We didn't either, and the cheek was all-but-forgotten.

Until the next morning.


Whoa! Buddy! Your face!
This picture is AFTER I gave him some Benedryl! When I first saw him that morning, his eye was comlpetely swollen shut, his cheek double it's normal size. The interesting thing about it, is that if he turned in one direction, he looked normal and you wouldn't know anything's wrong. The other direction, and he looked like Michaela on steroids!


It got better little by little through the day. He never had any symptoms of anaphlactic shock like when his Daddy gets stung. Just that swelling. So that was good. I think it was the first time any of my kids have gotten stung by an insect, and I was a little worried that Chris had passed on his bad allergy genes.

I'm happy to say that Noah, at least, does NOT react like his Father.

That's probably the ONLY gene he didn't get from his Dad!

(OH! And he got his nose from me too! THAT was a relief!)


Denna said...

Poor Noah. Ouch!!! First a bee sting and now he has poison Ivy????
O.K Kido, Maybe you need to stay on the inside.

Jennifer said...

ohmygosh! poor baby! What in the world stung him???

Kelly said...

still don't know! He "never saw it comin'"

Brooke said...

I don't think I have ever noticed what Chris' nose looks like. Now I shall notice. I really did think that it looked like poison Oak yesterday but I didn't know about the sting. Maybe a wasp had landed on poison oak then landed on Noah. Hmmm... :) ~

Russ said...

Poor little guy. Gamey fellow though.

Kate said...

Poor Noah sounds like he is learning what it takes to be a country/farm boy. But, that is pretty scary looking!

Kelly said...

Actually, Brooke, it's not Chris' nose that's the problem, per se, but there are some, shall we say, undesireable family nose traits he has embedded in those genes.

I do too, on my side, but he got my nose, which is the least offensive of the lot!

jaim said...

I guess him and nicky could be twins. Some people have "sweet blood" as timmy puts it and they bugs just attract to them. Noah is a sweety can ya blame the bugs??????

pushypaws said...

Not to rain on you picnic, nor to borrow trouble, but according to the allergist any significant swelli!ng (I think this definitely qualifies), this can easily BE anaphalactic shock, or at least holds a strong potential for it. You might want to look into having an epi-pen for him. Elijah has one from intense swelling and hives - allergy to eggs. Just thought I should mention it. Give Noah a big hug from Grandma and Grandpa. (PS that swelling is what happens to me, and I really should carry the epi-pen as well). Apparently,, once you've had a major swell you are a great candidate at any unexpected time to have a dangerous reaction.