Sunday, June 04, 2006

That'll Teach Ya

On Sundays, we usually have a big meal during lunchtime (we eat with a local family who's adopted us, and we take turns with preparations). In the world of Southern Living, this means a 10 dish spread. Except for when it's my turn to cook, THEN we often eat Northern Style----casseroles, a meat with a couple of sides, pastas. As often as I try to acclimate to the local way of eating, I just can't seem to reprogram my brain into making a Thanksgiving type meal for a normal day like Sunday.

I'm thinking, "OK, we've got a veggie and a starch and the meat......that's gotta be good."

And all the while, they're making: roast, gravy, yeast rolls, creamed potatoes, broccoli casserole, macaroni and cheese (NEVER a side in Yankee-ville!), sweet potato pie, green beans.....the list goes on.

And NEVER forget the sweet-tea.

That's a big no-no!

I'm getting stuffed just thinking about it.

But MAN! As much as I'm used to typical Yankee cooking, I sure do like the Southern style plenty!

My waist line.......not so much.


Needless to say, a nap is a requirement on Sundays, after the big meal.

And after that, we usually have just enough time to get everyone ready and packed up to go back to church for the evening service. There's simply no time........or room(!)........for supper.

So what we'll do is get a snack after the nighttime service. The kids get in their pjs, and then they can get something small to eat before bed.

Tonight, the boys wanted pistachios. Sounded good to me. But unfortunately, the girls could have never figured out how to crack those open. So instead, I offered them some popcorn. Quick, tasty, and light. Perfect. Even Asher could eat that.

So I sat down next to Michaela with the bowl and we dug in. And I do mean "DUG IN".

Like any small child would, she attempted to grab a whole handful of popcorn.

I could already see the problem with this: She wasn't going to be the only one eating out of the bowl, and trying to get an 8-year-old size handful of popcorn into her mouth was going to result in more snack on her lap than in her stomach.

I felt a lesson coming on....


"OK, Boo, here. Watch Mama. See? Two fingers. Look! Two fingers. Mmmmmm."

She dives in with 4.

"No no honey. Here, let me help you. This finger and this finger together. Good. Now reach dowwwwnnnn and......Great! Good job. Two fingers!"

"Now you try..........Nope! No, wait.......twwwwooooooo fingers. Theeeeeerrrrrre. See? Wonderful!"

This went on for quite some time. Me, holding her hand from the top, curling the last three fingers into her palm, and pinching the other two together. Down, up, in the mouth. Down, up, in the mouth. She seemed to get the hang of it.

I felt kinda proud that I could teach her that. I mean, it's not like I'm some kinda occupational therapist or anything. Just a Mom. Who........happens to like things neat.......

Yeah, well, then I let her try it on her own.

She did it perfectly.

Only, she didn't do it like I taught her at all.

She used a different set of two fingers. With as much dexterity as any typical 8-year-old.

So much for my ego trip!


jaim said...

wow. way cool. I wonder if you could teach her other cool little tricks. You must try more often. Or as often as time allows with 5.

tesiamaria said...

Hi Kel...I'm a blogger girl now! Come and see!

Love ya.

Rebekah said...

How funny!!

Brooke said...

Kell, You missed a good meal Sunday. Have a safe trip home (unless you are already home!)~

Kim said...

Get out of town! She got the idea but used her own selection of fingers?

That sounds like a pretty big deal to me!

Sometimes moms are the best occ health teachers there are!