Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Sum of Farm Life

1 Un-Spayed Dog + Every Mutt on the Street = 8 Puppies

8 puppies!!

Ohhhhh, my head is starting to hurt.

I don't NEED 10 dogs running around on my property! I know, I know, "Why didn't you have her fixed then?" Because we wanted to breed her----with another Lab, of course. NOT every Tom, Dick, and Hairy Dog this side of the county line! But she went into heat before we knew what to do (We are not farmers by trade. Think "Green Acres" here), and 63 days later, here we are, the reluctant "grandparents" to a slew of rolly polly illegitimate dog-children.

Can you say:
They'll be ready the end of August. Any takers?


Denna said...

That is to funny. I remember being at your house when you was talking about breeding your dog with a lab. You need a fence to be on the safe side. Actually I don't know if that would work. Nadine had a collie in a fence. She did not even know the dog was pregnant. Nadine went out one moring to feed Lassie and she found three black/white puppies. Nadine about died. She had noticed a black dog hanging around a couple of months earlier, but did not think much of it. That crazy dog jumped the fence to get to Lassie.

pushypaws said...

So WHEERRRREEE are the adorable baby puppy pics? Even every Tom, Dick, and Hairy dog has cute pups?

Brooke said...

Aww...Like we need another dog. But who knows what my sister can talk my mom and dad into? :) She gets counciled on the side about what to ask for, of course. LOL! JK!

baSfsoGp said...

Ol' cloudy memory clicking in here... but I VAGUELY remember some talk which I kinda remember as being at your house about that breeding possibility and it seems to come back to me that someone offered to pen your dog up so that she did not have puppies the first time she could. ("Just bring her over to my house and I'll put her in a pen until she's safe again.") The thought was, it would be better for her not to have puppies right away if you were going to try to sell puppies from her later. Now who in the world could I have heard talking about that? Would it have been that day I invited myself over for dinner. The Hunter would have been there. He knows something about stuff like that.