Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thy Cuteness Doth Overwhelm Me

Oh I am in SUCH big trouble!

Every single puppy is fat, rolly polly, and without-a-doubt scoring high marks on the "cuteness scale". How did this happen? Is it just because they're puppies? Will they get uglier as time goes on?

Something's gotta give, because there is just WAY too much cuteness living on my back porch. How do I part with THAT??

Especially this one........ohhhhhhh, I could kiss him! (no, I didn't....yet) He is officially "mine" unless he becomes an ugly duckling any time soon. He's the only one with peach colored paw pads (on his hind feet only--adorable!), and he's by far the biggest, whitest, rolly-polliest. He was fussin' as I held him, but a good scratch behind the ears and he melted.

Gotta love a dog who can appreciate a good scratch behind the ears.


We're leaving tomorrow (Lord willin') for a family reunion in West Virginia. Hopefully, by the time we get back the following week, the newest members of our dog population will have their eyes open and will be walking around a bit.

You better believe that I will be watching closely.

Because if any of them (even "fat boy") get even the teensiest bit ugly, we're shippin' them outta here! BwaHahahahaha!



Mir said... DO have a farm. What's 9 more dogs when you have that much land? :)

Denna said...

That is the problem with puppies. They are cute when they are little and then get ugly. I guess that is the way with some humans also.LOL
Courtney wants every puppy she looks at. (because it is sooooo cute)
Some of them stay cute, but others look so sad when they loose the puppy stage.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Well would the kids help you out at all so you could keep 'em? Sounds plain crazy, but I am so weak for those cute little things, too. Oh- and where do you have family in W. Va.? My mom's side is from there... in St. Albans and Hurricane.

Diana Joy said...

I could never let them go...
They are sooo cute:)

RaCeCat said...

Your boys(and Libby, along with timmy and colbers) were commented on being the best behaved kids in O'Charley's today when Laura and I took them. I love them... they are precious!!!