Friday, June 02, 2006

Modern Day Bible Story

Isn't it amazing how one thing gets you thinking about another?

Chris only gets paid once a month. So, when we get his check on the 1st, I sit down and work on the bills. This often requires me to enter numerous little debit card slips, Walmart receipts, and filled out checks. Then I rifle through my "bills to be paid" folder to find everything that needs to be paid for that month. I balance the accounts.

Well, sometime last month, after his May 1st check but before his June 1st, I received a bill from Children's Hospital. Nothing major. A little unexpected, but nothing to take my breath away. I promptly did with it what I do with all the bills---filed it away until I could deal with it.

Dealing was yesterday.

And here's the little glitch. The bill, as minor as it was, should've been Medicaid territory. IF Medicaid hadn't denied her. And I was hoping the hospital would be willing to hold the bills until the hearing. But they won't. Guess I should've figured. So I gave the nice lady on the phone my debit card number, and that was that.

But it got me thinking:

When IS this hearing??

I got a letter via snail-mail a couple of months ago from one of Medicaid's lawyers telling me that a hearing date would be determined soon, and that they would let me know when that would be shortly after that. She figured it wouldn't be until August.

But I hadn't heard hide nor hair of them since.

Hmmmm, I think it's about time they got a phone call, don't you?


I can say this for the Medicaid attorneys:

They are some of the nicest lawyers you will ever meet. No kidding.

I left a message for one in particular, and she promptly returned my call. THAT in itself is a miracle. I couldn't even get the attorney I'm trying to retain for this case to return my call on the same day----and I'm paying him!

And then she was very kind to tell me that they would answer any question I had (big job in itself!), and that I could call her with any questions regarding the paperwork they were going to send me. She also made sure to let me know that they were not "out to get me" or trap me or even deny me, for that matter. And I knew that she meant it. She has helped me before, and she wasn't just putting on.

Unfortunately, she also told me when the hearing is....

November 14th (about a year after I started this process)

In Montgomery, the state capitol.

3 hours away.



I was also informed that the state would have their own physicians there to back up their case and examine all of my medical documentation. Not to mention their attorneys. So far, I know that I have to have all my material photocopied in triplicate for them. But now that the case is NOT going to be at the offices in my county seat, I have a feeling that there will be WAY more experts for the state than if they had to travel up here. In fact, my friendly phone attorney told me as much. They are having the hearing down there just so that they can have all their examiners there. Too many to have to travel.......


Ever heard the story of David and Goliath?

Stay's going down in November...


Alabamabrands said...

WOW! Very serious stuff.
Good thing you're David and not Goliath, uh?

jaim said...

Don't these people understand that you have 5 kids worth of groceries and laundry and diapering and soothing and loving, and finding a babysitter for. Of corse not!!!!! Call if you want the
the 3 amigos to come then....