Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Of Mice and Men

We had a really nice day on Labor Day. Chris had the day off, and we took the kids to the park. The park there has lots of different conglomerations of climbing spaces: stairs, ramps, bridges, and the like. This park also seems to fit a guy like Chris (who is 5'3" at BEST) just fine. It has incorporated all kinds of "mouse holes" for the kids to sneak through and squeeze through and generally get lost in. Chris is mouse-size, so he played with the kids for the longest time, just running in and out of the various small spots and up and down the obstacles while they chased him.

Unfortunately, about 15 minutes after leaving the park, we discovered that Chris' cell phone that he keeps on his belt had fallen off. It wasn't in the car so we hightailed it back to the park. On the way there, I got a call on MY cell phone. Apparently someone had found the phone!

Unfortunately, they weren't wiling to give it back.

So they decided to steal Chris' phone.

If you've ever seen Chris with his cell phone, it is like a mini computer that he uses for MANY things. It has the Bible on it, he takes notes with it, keeps track of important things, and of course, takes pictures and makes calls with it.

There were some awesome pictures of the kids on that phone :(

Sometimes, people have no clue that when they're being selfish, they are REALLY taking advantage of someone else. It doesn't just affect other people a LITTLE. It affects them A LOT.

We cannot replace Chris' phone. At least, not in that capacity. I feel violated.


On a brighter side, there WAS a nice man at the park who tried to help me locate the offending party. Strangely enough, he recognized me from a completely different place (not from when we were at the park). The first thing he said when he saw me was: "Where's your little girl?" At this, I started looking around wondering who he was speaking to. Apparently, he WAS talking to me, and recognized me as the mom of Michaela. "Don't you have a daughter with long braids?"

"Uh, I know you?"

Come to find out, last week, when I had to take Michaela to the ER for something (thankfully, nothing serious), this man was there with his 11-year-old son. They both got a good look at Michaela (who's hair is undeniably memorable), and his son told his father, "Dad, she is the PRETTIEST girl I've ever seen!"

I guess he got a good enough look at us to pick me out in a completely different location entirely, and he felt confident enough to ask about her. He ended up helping me look around the playground that day (I was by myself at that point), and even stood near when I thought the people who had our phone was close by. That was a really weird experience.

...and it's weird to think that people say we should cut Michaela's hair. That would be like cutting off her whole head! Everyone knows who she is because of it! :)

Anyhow....that was Labor day. The good and the bad.


JSmith5780 said...

Oh yay... a new post!

Some people just don't get "responsibility and ethics" do they? So sorry to hear about this incident.

You are right, Michaela would not be Michaela without those braids!

Denna said...

Oh, Kel I am so sorry about Chris phone. If you could of just discovered he had lost it in time you could of called the number and hopefully heard it ring with the person who had it.
That happened to Kevin at the hospital. A patient got Kevin's phone.Kevin knew where he left the phone so he just kept calling it and had one of his employee's help him. They kept calling it until they could locate where the ringing was coming from. This lady was in her bed and was holding Kevin's phone. Kevin walked in grabbed his phone from her and said, "Thank you." She started stuttering and said, "oh I was trying to figure out how to call the owner." Yeah right....
Kevin had left his in the bathroom and the lady got it.

Kelly said...

Unfortunately, Chris ALWAYS leaves his phone on vibrate. The one time it rang (weeks ago), I didn't recognize it!

AlabamaBrands said...

That terrible. Is there nothing verizon can do?

Nicky said...

Verizon might not be able to do anything... but I know someone that you know that can...:)