Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Be Fit

Oh yes, we're getting somewhere here.

I'm now down 22 pounds!

And with this new toy, I'm sure to lose more. My Mom and Dad got me the new Wii Fit for Mother's Day. It just came out today, and since I had some things to get at the store anyhow, well....I er, just picked up the Wii Fit while I was there...

(Ok, so what if I HAVE been counting down the days?)

Anyhow. Can you say cool? This thing is so neat! It can figure out how much you weigh, your BMI, your center of balance---just by standing on the "balance board" that comes with it. There are 4 different modes of "play:" Strength Training, Yoga, Balance Training, and Aerobics. I already LOVE the Basic Step game, and some of those Yoga poses are TOUGH! You do this initial set-up test to see what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your "Wii Fit age" is (mine is only 35...woohoo!), and set up a goal. So far, it will only let me get out of the "Overweight" category into the "Normal" category, but that's fine. Hey, at least I'm not in the "Obese" category anymore!!

The more you use Wii Fit, the more games you unlock. It keeps track of how long you've been working out (very nice feature), so in various increments it will open up another option to try.

I even liked the fact that it makes your Mii character look as slim or chunky as you really are. No, seriously, this is helpful! I'm pretty sure the character slims up as you do! I mean, comon', that's pretty motivating! Not only will my clothes fit better, but now my digital self will be looking better too---HA!

Here's a short intro video that can SHOW you what I'm talking about:

Oh, and by the way, that soccer ball heading game? Yeah, it may not actually hurt your head, but those cleats flying at's not easy, and I pretty much stink at that game. LOL.


AlabamaBrands said...

I saw an advertisement email for this just the other day. It looks SO fun!!
We need this around here.
I'd be great for gym class!!

Denna said...

WOW!!! What will be next? Good job on the weight loss.

silverdragoncub said...

We've been trying to decide whether to get the WiiFit. It looks very interesting. I'm just not sure how long before it gets boring.

Family said...

Neato! I want one! It looks like it would be alot of fun. congrats on the 22lbs. lost. That is wonderful!

JSmith5780 said...

Awesome job... hope the weight loss continues!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I want to say I'm jealous about the weight loss...but my lazy butt issue prohibits me! *grin* So Bravo! instead!

btw...I think I convinced my hubby to get a Wii...just so we can Wii Fit! Maybe it'll help my lazy!

Hope all is well for you guys...and that you are getting *fitter n' fitter*!


Nicky said...

wii be lacking on an updation wouldn't you say?

Brooke said...

This is very cool! We need a fitness update! luv ya'll!