Thursday, September 04, 2008

...And I Think I May Like McCain Too

Because I seriously wasn't into him too much before last night. I mean, he just has never seemed like a strong Republican candidate in any way. And really, he may NOT be still.

However, I learned a few things about the man last night that makes me feel a little bit better about him.

1. He has hard core governing experience.
2. He's fought in wars. We're in a war. He'll know how to handle it (ie: defer to the Generals and Admirals and let them do their job!).
3. He's not interested in recreating Vietnam. In other words, he's not going to just "back out" of stabilizing the Middle East and allow our young men to have died in vain.
4. He knows how to keep his chin up (and ours) during difficult times. Any man who CHOOSES to stay in captivity for the sake of his fellow soldiers, is willing to go the distance for the rest of us.
5. He adopted an orphan in his 50's. One with serious medical issues. That's a very honorable thing in my book.

And last but not least, he's the pro-life candidate. What that's worth with his previous stances, I'm not sure, but he now says he's pro-life. Obama won't say that.

And really, that's what it comes down to for me. No matter what, I was going to vote for McCain if he said he would uphold pro-life principles. Even if I didn't like anything else at all. If he was pro-choice like Obama, I was not going to vote at all.

But he says he's pro-life. That's all I really care about.

Obama's for killing babies, and McCain's not? OK, then, McCain it is.

I know, I know, narrow sighted in some people's mind. There's more issues, true. But really, when you look at it that way: One's FOR murder, and one's AGAINST, then there's just no other issue on the table.

And God help me to never be in the situation, but yes, I would DIE before I have an abortion. So, yeah, even if it comes down to it, the woman's life is not as important in my mind. I don't think it justifies killing another human being. It doesn't to God, and it doesn't to me.

Call me a religious fanatic if you wish, but hey if "religious fanatics" are the only ones that have morals and a conscious on this issue, then I'm the biggest fanatic/Jesus Freak you know.

Because I'm just not going to say murdering an unborn child is ok, in any case. And I won't vote for someone who can't see that.

But the other little tidbits were nice to hear as well......

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FloraBeth said... just summed up my whole feelings on the situation!! McCain and Palin definently have my vote!