Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Plain and Tall

Next VP?

Move over Hilary, here comes someone better!

I'm pretty excited about Sarah Palin for GOP VP. Here's a few reasons why:

-She's a woman. Enough said.
-She has a family that she takes care of. A husband and 5 kids in fact.
-She decided to continue a pregnancy even when she knew the child had Down Syndrome. Talk about living what we preach.
-She's from Alaska--the state that will rid us of our energy crisis.
-She's from Alaska--not DC.
-She's smalltown. Not Georgetown. And she's the common man.
-She's not afraid to fight corruption.
-She's not interested in the perks of government, but the JOB of government (check out her creds)

She reminds me of Condoleeza Rice, a woman I wish would've run for the office. She's tough, has integrity, isn't afraid of being a woman and mother (check out the skirt instead of the "Hillary pant suits"), and can spit fire with the best of the boys.

I'm just waiting for the showdown with Joe Biden. I'll be rooting for her.

And so far, I think she'll make a great VP.


baSfsoGp said...

I'm pretty excited about her too.

Turnip Greens said...

I am also excited! I wish I could vote I guess I will just have to wait four more years. I really like her she is a great speaker. I agree about the "spitting fire" she is right up there with the men folks. Anyways I will quit rambling.

Omaloriann said...

I too am excited about her - I think McCain did well in his choosing!