Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Guinea

With Chris back in school full-time, and at a new job full-time, and studying full-time, and class on Saturdays....

...well, you get the picture...

there just isn't enough time to get some things done around the house. No big deal, really, but it CAN create some issues. Like when the grass is so high you can't find the car, or get the mail, and you lose your youngest child...

...well, you get the picture.

So, we've had some things fall short around here, and it appears that some new tenets have moved in as a result:

From what I've read, guineas are what these are. I had no idea that anyone around here was raising them. There SOUNDS to be a small farm somewhere on my road, but some of the houses are set back, and I can't see the properties too well. People will raise guineas to keep their insect population down, and Alabama has her fair share of those, so guineas are a good choice in farm fowl. They pretty much take care of themselves as well, so, low maintenance.

And from what I hear, they make pretty yummy eggs and a decent Sunday roast.

But these are obviously not OURS, so hunting season has not started. They're just free range birds that thought my "range" was free. And with that, they are eating a whole "range" of bugs that have taken residence in my tall grass.

Hey, guys, have at the bugs....I'm not complaining!

We've kinda enjoyed watching them too.

(But, MAN! can they create a racket when Cooper gets too close!)

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reber said...

I have been told that they make great "watch dogs"...we get some really ugly creatures. Armadillos!!!