Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Southpaw Walking

Ahhhh Asher.

The most rapidly advancing offspring of the bunch (unless you include "Cletus the Fetus", who's astronomical rate of growth is not easily photographed).

His life has taken some growth spurts lately, and thankfully for blogging, you too can enjoy a little part of the little man's life.


Spurt #1: The Haircut

It was to my great pleasure initially that we not only had ONE curly-headed prodigy, but seemingly TWO. Asher's curls appeared to be coming into their own, and although not to the extent of his sister's, they were curls just the same. His head lacked the straight downy fuzz that the other 3 had. It flipped up around the edges and framed his face. And every once in a while, he'd get this "Superman" curl thing going.

Too cute.

Unfortunately, curls turned into nap, and nap turned into tangled mess. Sigh. I was really hoping the hair would cooperate, but my dreams for a curly headed boy were quickly disappearing. Something had to be done. When you have to brush your little boy's hair just to keep it out of his face, you know the time has come.

So my adopted Mom offered to cut it for me, for which I was grateful. First off, I can't cut hair. Secondly, I was not interested in paying upwards of $8 to chop off the equivalent of hair on a half-grown chia pet. No thank you.
So that was Ashey's first haircut. Nothing a little cookie couldn't fix.

Curls, R.I.P.


Spurt #2: Walking

Ever since we went to West Virginia, he's been experimenting with this whole "walking thing". A couple of steps here, a 3-stepper there. We really had big hopes for him to start this whole process sooner, seeing as how he sat up at 4 months and crawled at 6. Waiting another 9 months to hit the next milestone, was not something we anticipated.

He finally put aside his stubborness (and let me assure you, his delay was nothing BUT), and bit the bullet.

So here he is at 15 months. (But he generally hates to be seen walking, so motion pics are sparse)

Finally. Now he won't be wearing out the knees in his church outfits.

(Do you realize how annoying that is??)


Spurt #3: Hand Dominance

It has become very obvious that we have our first left-handed batter residing here. Oddly enough, there isn't but one lefty in either of our families, that I can think of. Unless, of course, you go back a few generations. And then I have no clue how many right-brained relatives we have.

Speaking of right-brained, Asher is also showing his propensity for music. He sings.


He sounds just like an opera singer.

Is Pavarotti left handed too?


JeniBeans said...

Awww, GQ Asher! Very NICE haircut! looks so nice. I will miss the curls, but it REALLY looks nice. Makes him look the BIG boy now!

Kell, did you do the haircut or did Chris? Jef cuts our boys' hair. I wanna try it, but I'm scared to goof it.

jaim said...

WOW, he looks so different with the hair chopped. I prayed for Griffin to have curls, should I not have???
Your right he does look a lot more like caleb with the curls gone. Looks much neater!!!!!

Alabamabrands said...

Asher looks JUST LIKE Caleb with his hair cut!! WOW!!

As far as left handedness- my mom thought all my children would be left-handed at this age b/c they seemed to use it all the time. I don't have a single lefty yet (although it does run in my Dad's side Very strong!)

I really enjoyed the pics.

Denna said...

They grow up to fast, don't they?
He does not even look like the same child. He looks like a little man.
He is a cutie.

Chrystal said...

Asher is so cute!! My brother turned out to be left handed to, and no one in our family for a couple generations is. My mom thought to teach him very young to use his right hand to hold the spoon and fork and eat at the table. This saved us a lot of problems with elbow room that I hear other left handers have! So my brother does everything left handed except for eat!

CassiaK said...

awwwww how cute!!! what a sweet heart.

Kate said...

How sweet! He looks so handsome with his new hair cut.

NH Mom said...

WOW, what a cutie my little Asher Pants Boy is. He looks just like Caleb. Well, so much for having his own look. Can't wait to see you all in October.
Love You

Anonymous said...

Okay Sister Kelly
I still see Noah AND I still see your brother Dan somewhere in that childs face.