Thursday, July 13, 2006

Catching Up

Welcome Home to Me--courtesy of Denna and Dyrus and Kevin (look closely--do they know something I don't??). There's just nothing like coming home to a good practical joke. And since I can take it AND dish it out, you all must know that I'm just looking for the perfect opportunity to TP their yard....

Just Kidding!!

But honestly, it's very nice to know you're loved and missed when you're gone. Especially when you pull a "me" and surprise everyone with unexpected news (join the club) and turn off your cell phone (hehehe!).

Not to mention, the comments were incredible!

30-something comments?!?! That's amazing!


How come some of you didn't comment on my 100th?!?!?!

Oh, IIIIIIIII Seeeeeeeeee, babies are more "fun"........

Well, OK, you're forgiven!


So our romp to West Virginia was nice. This is where Chris's family's reunion is held over the 4th every year. Always good to visit the Fam, and since Chris' grandparents are still with us (in their early and mid eighties!), we want to be able to spend as much time with them as we can work out. They have a beautiful home overlooking a private lake. It's spacious and comfortable, and everyone feels at ease there. The kids know where they can and can't go. It's really just a nice "hang-out session" if you will, but we love it. Chris just NEEDS it after working so hard for so long.

Unfortunately, y'all will just have to forgive me, because I didn't take anywhere NEAR the pictures I wanted to or should have. I just can't hold a camera and wipe noses and hold hands at the same time. And that really stinks because there were a few things that were really neat about this trip:

Chris' grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. How cool is that?

Chris' sister's boyfriend came along on the trip, and ended up proposing to her on July 3rd. Congrats Olivia and Jared!

We also got to see family that we haven't seen in a very long time. They were able to come this year, and it was so nice to catch up with them. In fact, we had a photographer come out and get some family portraits done, since most everybody was there. Unfortunately, I can't post those on here due to copyright laws.

So we're just sunk in the picture department. Sorry.



We DID get some pics from Caleb's birthday party. His 5th birthday was on the 9th, but while we were in WV, we celebrated with everyone there, including my little nephew Eli who's birthday is later on this month.

It was the craziest birthday party I think I've ever been to. First off, we started it after dinner, which didn't end until like 9:30. So the kids were tired, the parents were tired, and no one was really interested in a long drawn out birthday party. Unfortunately, it was really the only time we could do it, so we just had to suck it up and DO it.
Yeah, we DID it all right.

You should've seen my sister-in-law. She would give each of the boys a present, they would tear into it, hold it up for a picture, and then she would wisk it away. The whole process took less than 30 seconds. Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration, but I'm not far off.

You should've seen Eli (who turned 3). He was so excited about his gifts, but he barely got to relish them before his Mommy took them away and presented him with another brightly colored package. You could see him looking longingly at the gift as it moved down the table, just to be snapped back to attention to demolish the paper on the next one.

And then there was Caleb. The pictures speak for themselves. For some reason, he always has his tongue in some odd position in his mouth. I cannot for the life of me tell if he's embarrassed, excited, or hiding something. Reason being, it's exactly what he does when he's lying to me! I can always tell when he's trying to pull one on me by his tongue. So why was it acting up now? I had no clue.
But all in all, I think he liked the gifts and the cake and all the hoopla. Even a whirlwind party is great fun for the kids!

Especially when you're 5.

Happy Birthday, Pudgers!


Puppy Update:

It's not getting any better, Gang. They're just not getting any uglier. Especially when they sit there and growl at you and try to bark. It's adorable.

They're 3 weeks old now.

And they're still available.

Buy one, get one free!

Limited time offer!

A year of free dog food with every purchase!

(OK, maybe not a year.......just 6 months.....)


Omaloriann said...

Glad your back home & had a good visit. Congratulations on the new little one! They say its "Cheaper by the Dozen" but I don't think I would put my stock into that! LOL

Erynn & Jake said...

I am a sucker for puppies faces.
The end of august huh?

The Blomgrens Blog said...


jaim said...

Okay is it just the pics or does your nephew look a lot like your father in law.....?

Alabamabrands said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

You are the BIG FIVE!!

Yeah! Yeah!

Denna said...

I am glad you guys had fun. You was not suppose to find out that we did that. We had more balloons up, but the heat got them and they got gone.
I was not for sure when you was coming home. I wanted to put lots of blue and pink streamers up, but it did not work out for different reasons. My plans was to go back to your house Saturday Morning and fix it really pretty, but Courtney had a friend and I knew with kids it would be out before you got back home.
I did miss you guys. Kevin wanted me to be really mean and put a comment on your blog. I was nice.
I hope you liked the name we suggested for your new memeber. LOL
Love you girl, Denna

JeniBeans said...

oh yeah? free dog food too? hmmmmm...i really want one. you got any more blondies?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kell!!! I am glad you had a great trip...Rebekah and Caleb share the same birthday:) Also I noted you were reading Oliver Saks books:)...I haven't read 'Awakining",but I did read the other one. I loved it...Love you lots~ Trin

Kelly said...

You know Erynn....

I've got a pretty one with your name on it...

Just like she was born JUST FOR YOU!!

And hey, they're part Labrador, so you know she'll make a great guide dog!

hint, hint

Kelly said...


You gotta read's incredible. Reminds me so much of Michaela.


Yup, he's Morris thru and thru. Thankfully.


Yup, all blondies practically. Except for the big white one.

Mir said...

Awww. Caleb and Austen share a birthday! Both 5 now!!!

Glad the trip went well, and congratulations on the new guy!!! Keep us posted!

FloraBeth said...

Read your news the other day wanted to say Congrats...There is a story you should read, I posted the link on my blog...Glad you got back from your trip safely

Chrystal said...

I want a PUPPY!!! Oh wait...I chose your brother instead!! It was worth it. (I guess...they are really cute!)