Monday, February 20, 2006

Generally NOT A Good Thing

IIIIIIIIIIIII don't know about YOU, but my smallest toe doesn't usually "go against the flow". He's very much a "follower", and has been all my life. Until today:

Yup. That's my foot. And there's the pinky toe---trying REALLY hard to bust out of there. Unfortunately, it's still attached and can't leave. Maybe I should say "fortunately", otherwise I'd have a HUGE problem on my hands.....

All I was doing was getting up to get the baby. He had gotten himself stuck somewhere, and was getting scared (I could tell by the cry), so I hopped up to find him, and SMASH! I whacked the side of my foot into something hard lying on the floor. Well, the thing didn't move, so my toe did. Laws of physics I guess.

I wasn't too interested in going to the ER on this one. It doesn't hurt too bad...yet. But I really felt that it was going to have to be put back in place, and that typically hurts pretty bad. SOOOO, I called my pastor instead. I know God can put it back ALOT less painfully. Sounds like a plan to me....

PS: check out Luke 12:7. I tend to believe that God cares about little toes too. Posted by Picasa

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Mom said...

So how IS the toe? It wants to come to New England for a visit (hehehehe!)