Thursday, January 05, 2006

Normalcy on The Horizon

So, I'm home and life's starting to feel more normal. See, normal for me is NOT EVER leaving the house. And I kinda like it that way. I'm not a hermit, by any means, I'm actually a major people person. However, I'm also pretty fanatical about my house and my obligations to it and my kids. I use the word obligation kinda loosely. Because when it all comes down to it, no one cares about the house being a wreck as much as me. And as long as they get to eat, my kids don't care if they're in their pajamas all day or stink to high heaven. Actually, they all create the wreck of a house I sometimes live in (not to mention the pile of dirty diapers), and I'm convinced they all like it that way.

But this past holiday season I was home hardly at all. At least for me, ok. We were gone for 4 days during the Christmas holiday, and like my previous post mentioned, I was out of town for the New Year holiday. That's alot of laundry! I still feel as though I'm swimming in it! Although it's pretty much under control now, thank God. Also noticed that the bathroom was horrific, and I'm glad that I didn't have any guests. The dining room floor was sticky from too many half-cleaned-up spills, and the bills were piled up high. This is what happens when I'm not home--the home takes over. It masters me instead of me mastering it. I hate that. Can't handle it, really. And I tend to go a little psycho when it happens.

Thankfully, I'm breathing easier now. In fact, Chris didn't have to work yesterday, so we tackled a PFTD that I've been getting really edgy about....mirrors. You can't believe how hard it is to function without mirrors in your house. Try it won't last the day. I'm serious. Well, I've lasted almost 2 months with only one mirror in the entire house. And no, it wasn't in the bathroom, hence my frustration. It was in Michaela's room. The only one who got a mirror is the one person who could care less. And yes, it's pretty funny to see your husband trying to shave in the same room as Cabbage Patch kids and princess decorations. Pretty funny indeed. So now we have up more mirrors. 3 more, in fact. I tried to put up a fourth one, but Chris got onto me. No, not because we had enough, but because he didn't think it would look right in the spot I chose. Go figure.

On another note: I'm still waiting for Michaela's new wheelchair. I hope it works out well, because I'm starting to get a little worried about it. See, it doesn't fold up like our other one did. I'm not so sure it will fit in the car. But I've been just kinda keeping it to myself, hoping, praying, wishing that it'll fit. Overall though, I tried not to think about it too much since there wasn't anything I could do about that yet. But it all got disturbing again when Dearest Hubby nonchalantly asked at the dinner table tonight: "So, does this new wheelchair fold up? It folds up, right?" Um, No, I say. "It doesn't? Then how's it gonna fit?" It comes apart. "Apart? Do you think it'll fit that way?" OK, no, I'm not sure...I think to myself. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to deal with simple dilemmas when you don't have anyone else worrying about it too? It's one thing to hash it out in your own mind; it's a completely different ballgame when someone else starts to worry also. It's like I'm thinking: Don't worry about it! I'm doing all the worrying necessary to fulfill the worry requirement. Don't even ask about it! I've got all the worrying under control!

Finally got the all the Medicaid info into the department. Had to wait for the longest time for the doctor's notes to get back to me. Not to mention: the copying company charged me over 40 bucks for those documents! How ridiculous! Some pages were a dollar a page! I was incredulous. I even called in a complaint. I don't know that they even cared about my little comment on their legal theivery, but at least I told them so. I just believe in the "squeaky wheel" theory too much to sit back and not voice my opinion. Not that I don't know how to keep my mouth shut, cuz I do. But in the world of business, I try to make them keep their noses clean. Of course, I'm always nice about it ;)

So much to say. So little time.

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