Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wow, Do I Feel Stupid

You know, we expect our kids to do better than us someday. To achieve higher goals, make a better life for themselves. It's a natural part of life, I'm thinking.

Yet, I was certain I still had the upper hand for at least a FEW more years. Years where my children would look up to me, and "idolize" me, and think I was something worth bragging over. That, for at least, OH I don't know, 12 years or so, I would be really smart in their eyes. You know, the "my Dad can beat up your Dad" mentality?

Yeah, well, this Mom got knocked down a few pegs today.

My 4-year-old and I were playing "I Spy" while at the breakfast table. And I can't beleive it....he was whoopin' on me. I did not even know that this child KNEW his colors (we play that version). But for a while in the game, I was really enjoying watching him do so well distinguishing colors and picking out an object that would work, and not giving away the answer. It was cool. Especially when I realized that it was one less lesson I would have to teach him when he starts homeschooling. Yeah!

But, as much as I was having fun, he WAS beating me pretty good. Now, I'm not so prideful or stuck on myself that I can't loose to my 4-year-old, but the last round we played broke my desire to play completely:

"OK, Mom. IIIIIIII spyyyyyyyyyyy........something RED!"

"Hmmm, let's see, the gumball machine?"


"Alright......The baby spoon?"

"Uh Uh."

"Uhhhh, the berries on the bush?"


"The stuffed crab?"

"Nope! Guess again!"

"OK, Caleb, I give up. What is it?"

"The cap on Asher's sippy cup!"


"Uh, son, that cap is PINK, not RED. See?"

"No Mom! It's red!"

"No...Caleb, that is definately a PINK this over here. See? PINK!"

"Mom, it's not pink. It's red! 'Red Violet'!"

RED VIOLET?!?!?!?!? How in the world does my kid understand "red violet"?!?!? He can't even read! It's not like he's reading the names off of the bazillion crayons we have....or is he? Hmmmm....

And the truth of the matter is, that cap is very similar to red violet. More of a light fuschia, but hey, he's only four.

Either way, the game was over at that point. Yup. Game, set, match. Caleb is the official "I Spy Champion".

And Mom? Well, let's just say she's not out showing off her I Spy trophies anytime soon.

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Jen said...

My friend.... I too am experiencing this phenomena. In OUR 4 year old, Samuel. Oh the pegs that I have been taken down! hahaha. Aren't our babes fun?