Monday, November 28, 2005

PFTD, Round 1

I tried to work on a Project For The Day today. See, we have this new house, which is actually quite old, and I'm not quite settled. We bought the house knowing that it was really too small for us, but it "had potential" (and land, big plus). So once we bought it, we tore it to shreds. Couldn't add any square footage, but you know, made what it had nicer, newer.

But for whatever reason, back in the day, no one musta had clothes. And even though they may have had a bazillion kids, their kids didn't have toys. Hence my problem:

The closets here are too small.

WAY TOO SMALL. Sigh. I told Chris I'd work with it, but sometimes these little concessions in life feel like marital vows.

"Do you Kelly, promise to love, cherish, and honor in sickness, health and small closets with lots of kids?"

Sigh. Sure, why not.

My adopted Mom calls it a challenge. Yup. So I took it on today. It was a daily project. The kind you tackle and get through in a day, which is most encouraging for when you see all those not-till-Jesus-comes-back type projects. Like the cabinet doors that I tried to paint 2 or 3 times. Or the doors that still need to be hung, but can't be, because the house is old...and crooked. But the closet that was mocking me, mine (or I should say ours, not like this house has 2 closets for one room, heaven forbid!), was beaten into submission today. And I have the scars to prove it. It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Even if I DO have to use baby hangers to get my stuff to move on the rod.....

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PushyPaws said...

Hi Kelly! Been catching up on all the blogging, since your email today. They've made me laugh and cry ... and commiserate when it comes to closets, having had a few like that myself. See, what they used to do was have 2 rods coming from the back wall of the closet out to the door end. Sometimes only 1 rod! and this is why hangers don't fit when there is a rod running end to end. So, you're right...they DIDN'T have many clothes. Probably washed them by hand to ... down at the stream ... with a washboard (hehehe). At least we have washing machines! Love you all LOTS and am so proud of you as parents. And of course, ADORE all my grandchildren.
Mom (the Morris one)