Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Someone Must've Wished Me a Crazy Christmas

Wow! It's been over a week since I've posted. Shows how busy I've been. Actually, I've wanted to sit down and write a couple of times this past week, but with all that I've had to do, I felt guilty for stopping for more than checking my email. But this week's not so bad, so here's an update:

~Michaela's getting her equipment. Hoorah! No more frustration over that. I called the Medical Equipment company and they were like, "So who's your case manager at Blue Cross?" HUH? Whatsa case manager? Come to find out, Blue Cross has this neat little department that is there solely to help ME. Very wonderful. I got a case manager named Mary Anne, and if I didn't know better, I'd say she was sent from God to be my personal philanthropist. No joke. This lady bent over backwards for me. "Of course you need that dear!", "We'll get it right away, before your deductible comes due again!" HELLO? Am I dreaming? Did I dial the wrong number? My insurance company wants to pay for things? But that's how it worked out. AND, check this out! The VP of BLUE CROSS told the DME company, "Just get her what she needs and don't charge her." Um, needless to say I was shocked, but overall, I just think it pays to pray! I'm guessing it was 8k worth of equipment that I would've had to pay co-pays on. Now THAT's a MIRACLE.

~Got almost all the Medicaid info in. It's still gonna take quite a while. I hooked up with a nice lady from an "aging center" who actually knew what she was talking about. She told me what to get together and then she came over last Thursday to fill out some more paperwork to send to Montgomery. It was so nice to talk to someone who understands the process....or knows that there actually IS a process! Now I'm just waiting on Chief's medical records to come in from Georgia.....(yes, Georgia, don't ask!)

~Was up to my eyebrows in laundry! Didn't fold or put away hardly anything. And since my laundry room should be my next PFTD, 8 loads of washed, dried, and pilfered through clothing didn't help me cope with my very busy week.

~Haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet! I hate being a last minute shopper!

~Trying to find the right size diapers for Boo. She's been out of the size 6s for a while now. Most of the time, she's been continent enough to use Big Kid pullups (you know, for the kids who wet at night?), but right now she's just not able to use the toilet, and those pull-ups are NOT for BMs. So we've tried the geriatric diapers in the pharmacy at Walmart, but their smalls are still too big. I was told by a well-meaning friend that the Health dept. should have a program for me. Yeah right. Not in Alabama. I'm learning that their social services departments are less than admirable (and less than knowledgeable, and less then competant, and less than....you get the idea). So I called Home health for my county. Again, no help. Which is weird, because you'd think home health people have to deal with this all the time. But the lady on the phone was stuck on which insurance company I had. This was a moot point. My insurance won't cover diapers and they never have; we've always bought them, and I just need to know where to get them. But alas, silly me. I was barking up the wrong tree. However, she DID mention calling my pharmacy to see if they could help. This seemed to be worthwhile advice, 'cuz my pharmacist didn't blow me off (amazing!). She called a supplier and got some shipped in for me to try. We'll see how it goes. But at $15 for 17 diapers...I sure hope they wipe her backside when she's done using them!

~Michaela's physical therapist and I talked about how she's getting this new wheelchair in a few weeks. I needed to make sure it fit right and the house was accommodating, etc, so I was telling her how I wasn't sure how we were going to get a ramp put in. Our old house was even with the ground, so this was not a problem. But now, the new house is 3-4 stairs up, and a ramp will be necessary. So SHE says, "Oh, well there's this guy who told me once that if I ever knew of someone who needed a ramp, just to let him know because his group builds them for people. I'll get in touch with him." Very cool. I mean, here I was grinding numbers in my mind about how much it was going to cost, and now I don't really have to worry about it at all. I'm totally psyched. Not to mention, my insurance company won't pay for the portable ramps (which I really feel we should have on hand--everyone here has stairs), but I found one online for $50 instead of the normal $500. Double cool.

I hope I'm not so busy when the holidays are past. Well....maybe that's wishful thinking.....

Hope everyone has a Merry, Safe, and Cheerful Holiday Season!

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