Friday, December 02, 2005

Maybe It's Not "Selective Hearing"

Ok, so played some Pictionary last night (remember that one?). Love this game and haven't played in years until a couple months ago when I found an all-but-unused copy of it for like 3 bucks.

Always thought that you could only be really good at the game if you could, you know, draw. But now I'm starting to think that it goes much deeper than that. You can get by with stick figures and squiggle marks, no prob, but you cannot win unless you understand one thing....

The opposite sex.

Well, if you play like WE do, guys against girls.

Come to find out, the English language IS gender specific. No, not like Spanish where an "a" on the end means feminine and an "o" means masculine. It's more like, some words are "girl words" and some are definately "guy words".

For example: Josh and Dave were against Me, Katie, Tesia, and Renee (yes, the guys wanted it to be 4 v 2........they'll learn). It was an "All Play" and the word was "drapes". Sorry, they were doomed. Guys just can't handle "drapes". Male brains stop at "curtains", with an occasional "blinds", but never "drapes". Or "valance" for that matter. Those are just girl words.

Now, it goes both ways, but honestly I think girls tend to avail themselves to guy words a whole lot more than guys learn girl words. Last night proved it.

We got "sniper".

Now, that's a total guy word. But we got it. AND we got drapes. So who do YOU think won......?

Yeah, the girls DOMINATED!!

Hey, isn't that a guy word?

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