Monday, February 26, 2007

Must Be A Monday

I'm feeling fairly sluggish today. Not sure why, but I have absolutely NO desire to do ANYTHING today.

Did I ever feel this way when I was out in the workforce? I'm sure I didn't get away with it THEN!

I should probably cut myself some slack. I DID make breakfast (instead of the kids making their own). I DID do the dishes. I DID change Asher and Gabe. I DID give Noah his spelling pretest. I DID clean up the living room. So, I guess that's not sooooo bad.

Well, unless you consider that I still have to shower, clean my room, clean the bathroom, tame oodles of laundry, make some necessary phone calls. Then it looks as bad as my brain is making it out to be.

And the rest of me is rebelling.


Does anyone want a nice job as a Mother's Helper? Free food!

Yeah, yeah, I didn't think so........sigh.

Hush, laundry! I'll get around to you!



Alabamabrands said...

Ahhhh, the joys of not being accountable to a boss.

JeniBeans said...

Oh, but we ARE! LOL

Sorry, I guess my email didn't help you feel better about it. :-(


I feel your pain. I'm sluggish pretty often. Hows that big ol'baby of yours?