Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fast Food??

OK, what is up with the Wendy's on University, y'all??? 20-30 minutes to place and fill an order?


And then my food was cold, the burger buns were hard-ish, they only gave us one Kid's Meal toy (not even the decorated bags that the meal's supposed to come in!), and they ran out of lids for little kids (who really NEED the lids!).

Disgusted. ME.

To top it all off, out of ALLLLLLL the empty seats in the joint (hmmmm, should've been a sign...), this family with three young girls decided to sit the next booth over. And the girls stared. And stared. And stared at us. While we were eating. They were so close by leaning over their booth that I could've seen their nose hairs. I'm not kidding. Perfectly rude. All while their Dad chatted on his cell phone.

When their Mom came back with the food, she started berating her children for everything they did. "_________, if you don't eat that RIGHT NOW I'm gonna lay into you!" Things like that. My kids were dying to stare at THEM to see all the horrible things their Mom was getting onto them for. She was obnoxious. Just loud and mouthy. Imagine how she acted when one of them spilled their drink!

Instead of taking the kids to McDonald's like we usually do, I decided to try Wendy's, since they have chili, and Asher hardly ever eats his hamburger or chicken nuggets. I know he likes chili (whereas, he really doesn't like meat), and I figured we could eat there, and I wouldn't be wasting money on him for once. Even with all these annoying and frustrating issues, him eating his meal would've been nice.

Except he wouldn't eat the chili.


Chrystal said...

It's amazing. David and I went to a restaurant and the little boy next to us was allowed to climb on the table, over the back of the bench, run around the room, yell and scream... then he picked up a fry and threw it, and she grabbed him and spanked him and told him not to do that...yea...we were shocked.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh gosh, it might be ALL Wendy's... ours is the same!!

Alabamabrands said...

Matt says the same about Burger King in centerpoint.
You'd be quicker at a sit down restaurant than at the drive through!

J. No said...

Ummm... was it the Wendy's close to Jordan or the Wendy's at Enterprise Plaza? Because the one at Enterprise used to get all types of awards for cleanliness and speed of service. There were rated like best in the Southeast at one point. I remember standing in line, ordering and getting my food all in about 2-3 minutes. And that was during the lunch rush.

Oh how the might have fallen... (unless it was the Jordan one)