Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not Sick, and Obviously Not Blogging

So, I'm not sick anymore, and actually haven't been for quite some time now. In fact, I'm probably so far removed from that last sickness, that I'm due for another one (see previous post for reason why).

But I'm not blogging either, and this disturbes me. Mainly because I WANT to, but I can't.


My brain is fried. Flat out fried. I cannot write.

I feel like a zombie so much of the time, that I don't know how to put 2 words together it seems. My kids are even picking on me for messing up my words. I can't really tell you why it's like this. Because I'm pregnant? Because we started homeschooling? Am I not getting enough sleep? Beats me. But my brain is mush, and as much as I've tried, I cannot de-mush it.

I'm surprised I'm functioning as much as I am.

You know, perhaps it's my own fault here. Well, no, it MUST be my own fault. I am too much of a perfectionist and simply cannot just post for no good reason. Or without a readable story. Or just to say "hi." It's not my style, I guess, but that's only because I've molded my little blog here into that. Perhaps, if I felt as though I could just write a paragraph, a little something, then you would've heard from me a lot more.

But I can't seem to make myself do it.

This post in itself is a case-in-point. Wasn't this supposed to be quick? Yup.

Didn't come out that way, huh?

Also, I hadn't started this blog until November of last year, and so I'm thinking that this could just be a seasonal thing. Like, this time of year just isn't good for me. I'm not in a school routine yet. I have no doubt I will be by November, and more than likely even earlier than that. But I didn't realize that Aug/Sept would be bad blogging months. I've never blogged in Aug/Sept. before. Good to know for the future.

And I've never blogged while pregnant either. Now, now, you men don't be brushing me off on this. Ask any pregnant woman what it's like to keep your mind while you're gestating and they'll all tell you the same thing: Mind O' Mush. Not possible. It's a strange phenomenon, I'll grant you, but don't dismiss it. Don't knock it less you've tried it, in other words. And since you men can't wear these shoes, well, then, you'll just have to take my word for it. My blogging capacity speaks for itself.

But no matter WHAT it is, I'm not blogging much. And like I said, I WANT to. In fact, I had two posts within this past week that I wanted to write. Couldn't just sit and do it. Oh, I've been READING plenty, commenting a bunch, just not writing.

Yet, don't count me out so soon. I'm not shutting down or anything. I'm just not.......something. Guess it doesn't really matter "why" or "what". And with the length of this post, you'd think I was flat out lying about the whole "mush for brains" schpeal, but I'm telling ya, it's my problem right now.

The fact that I wrote something this long is surely gonna take me out for another couple of weeks or more......

You just can't expect much out of a fried mush brain, it seems.


baSfsoGp said...

Dear Sister... we have all been amazed that you have not felt more like a zombie many, many times before now because of the many things you have to juggle.

Your "true self" will rise to the surface at some point. And if part of you is that you like to write then you will do it.

We love and appreciate you much.

Alabamabrands said...

Agree on all accounts.

This time of year is hard- it takes a while to get into the schooling swing of things. I didn't start my blog until April last year & we were VERY almost done school.

I understand about the mushy pregnant brain, although WE know it doesn't just leave once the baby is born. IT TAKES PRAYER. IF we can REMEMBER to pray for it!!

JeniBeans said...

it's yer own fault, ye know?

Just kidding.
Just get into your school routine and get a better schedule on life. And like Heather said, PRAY, when you remember to add it in there. Haha. And we will pray for you too, when WE remember to put it in there.

LISTEN, God knows that we all want your brain to de-mushify so don't WORRY! This too shall pass!

Loveth thee!

Kim said...

Was that your excuse for the "over look" Sunday night? :)

Brooke said...

HAHA!! Sister Kelly and brain mush? NEVA! LOL! It even more agree's with my theory that babies absorb part of their mothers brains that have to grow back...or something like that. Maybe chemicals going to the baby's brain takes away from the mother's? Alas, The lack of sleep after birth one gets doesn't seem to help either...But guys (and biggggg sissys) CAN wear THAT part of the shoe, right? =)

rebermc said...

Glad to see ya back...I have really missed ya. Last nights service was a great encouragement me to me for Michaela. Hang in there...I am expecting our miracle.

J. No said...

574 words about not being able to write.

Kelly said...

I'm prolific even when I'm half-dead.

Jaylene said...

I'm a mush-brain, too, But I have no excuse. (don't tell anybody- no one else nose.)

baSfsoGp said...

No one else NOSE.... or at least they might not have until then.

Thimbelle said...

Hang in there... I'm not pregnant, we aren't homeschooling, and I still have Mush-Brains, so you certainly aren't alone!

Thanks (yet again!) for all of your love and encouragement and support. :) I appreciate it *so* much.


Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that in France, women cannot testify in court while pregnant? They are considered "legally insane," although apparently the French believes it wears off, once you've given birth. There's hope yet!

Kelly said...

And I'm French! HA! It's in the genes!