Thursday, August 17, 2006

Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

Slacker. That would be ME.

Anyways, things have been pretty eventful around here, to say the least. I've been busy doing something everyday this week, and I would've been doing something today, if I weren't sick. Of which, I am.

Hacking cough with a slice of nausea, and a side order of gastrointestinal difficulties. Tums for desert, garnished with Halls Vapo-Action Plus.

Home-made recipe, no doubt.


Let's see, let's see. News.....


OH! Ok, I went to get Michaela on disability on Monday. As opposed to last month, we were well within their income limit. Alright!

Turned out to be a 3 hour project. Thankfully, I was almost completely prepared, and I guess they're not used to that. The woman said the the appointments are generally a lot shorter than 3 hours. But since I had my ducks in a row (in typical ME fashion), she didn't have to send me home witha list of a ton of info to come back with. I only needed 2 things, both of which I could fax to her. Piece o'cake.

Looks like Michaela will get her disability check this time. Which will pay for the van that we needed to get for her. Don't be fooled, just because I like Toyotas and it's a gorgeous midnight blue, doesn't mean we wanted to buy that van. We honestly didn't have a lot of other options.

See, we were originally looking at 12 passenger vans. We had intended on having 6 kids when our old van gave up the ghost (but eventually changed our minds-que sa ra, sa ra!), so we knew we needed a van that could hold 8 people. Suburbans can do this, but they have compromised trunk space because of it, and we had a wheelchair to stick back there. So, ixnay on the uburbanstay.

Which led us to the 12-mahonsious passenger vans. We could take out the back seat and have plenty of room for the wheelchair. Not to mention a stroller, groceries and luggage for various family trips. So, in that way, the van was a "go". We even found one we were seriously considering.

Until we went to test drive it.

There was no way. Those large, heavy-duty vans are waaaaaaaayyyy off the ground. Not only was it going to be back-breaking work trying to get the wheelchair in and out of the back (3 feet off the ground), but there was NO WAY Michaela could get into that van. Even on a good day. Nevermind on the days when we have to all but carry her in.

Which left us with little to no options in the 8-passenger vehicle department.

Remember, we figured we would have 6 kids then.

Good thing we didn't plan on stopping back then, eh?


So, the Toyota van was one of our last options. Besides a mini bus. And yes, I DID look into that.

But, uh, NO.

And overall, the van is AWESOME. Not just because Toyota makes a great van, but because it's really been a great vehicle for Michaela. We had running boards put on the thing, and it's incredibly low to the ground now. So, whether she steps in herself, or we have to place her in, it's not a lot of work.

Not to mention the amazingly large rear storage compartment. They built it into the floor of the van (where a spare tire could've gone), and it's so deep, that the wheelchair can go back there, and I can't even tell it's there from my rearveiw mirror. And I STILL have room for my groceries! WooHoo!

There are other perks too, but I won't continue to bore you with them.

Needless to say, we got a great van.

With a not-so-great sticker price.

At least, for our budget.


But it's been do-able, and overall worth it. Yet, I would be lying if I said I'm not enthusiastic about not having to pay for the thing anymore.

That's what a disability check is for: to provide for the person in ways that are not medical in nature. Like, say, if they need a ramp put in (and you don't have a nice community service program to do it for you). Or you need to expand your bathroom to make it handicapped accessible. That's what the check is for. It's a nice program, really. There are plenty of non-medical type expenses that come up for a disabled person.

Like the time I flew Michaela to NH to see Dr. Holmes. Blue Cross sure wasn't going to pay for that. Yet, it was a big expense.

And we're not generally made of money. Not even because my kids think so.

Imagine that!


Well, that was Monday. And if I wanted to make this post incredibly long, I would go into what we did on Tuesday and Wednesday too, but I don't want to type anymore.

And you don't wanna read anymore.

So, I'll save that for another time.



ps: I should've put some links in this post, but I didn't feel like it. Cuz I'm SICK. And a SLACKER. And the tip jar is empty! ;)


Denna said...

I am so glad for you guys. God is so good to us.

J. No said...

"And we're not generally made of money. Not even because my kids think so."

But you have checks in your checkbook, right? Can't you just fill one of those out?

Dana said...

Yea! I'm glad to hear things went well on Monday. And today, Michaela was talking much better! Your week sure is perking up. Maybe you will soon, too. Love ya!

JeniBeans said...

yeah, what HE said. I know I've heard one grown up say that.

I'm just glad you posted. I was beginning to thnk that you were mad at me. *sniff sniff*

Vanessa said...

You are hilarious Sis. Kelly! I appreciate you! So glad for the goog news!

I T (a.k.a. Big Bird) said...

Hey, at least you were able to send the fax from home...


Chrystal said...

:) We're so happy for you. And by the way, Dave and I knew something was up WAY back in August when we visited with ya'll at Cracker barrel. I took one look at that extra seat in that van, and I knew there had to be a little one in the back of your mind somewhere! :)