Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Me

It's been an interesting past month (or so) with Michaela. The Felbamate is really helping, and we are amazed that she's done this well for this long. Chief seems to be too. Like, every time we have to discuss something, he mentions how well she's doing. Everybody is just relieved.

No less me, of course.

Yet, for some odd reason, she still has her "down times". We won't change a THING, and she will fall into a slump, a stupor. Drooling comes back, slurred speech, irratic gait, problems eating. It's very strange since this only used to happen when something was tweaked or a dose was forgotten or the drug was wearing off.

But, give her about a week, and the slump passes, and she comes back to life. The drooling subsides, she'll talk up a storm, and walking or eating isn't a problem anymore. Michaela NEVER recovered without the meds being changed in the past.

But now that's changed, and it's all very strange.

But hey, we're not complaining.


However, this past month, the slump lasted longer. The "week" went by, and still no sign of recovery. Two weeks even. I had gotten used to it, but when I thought about how long this was lasting, I was a bit perplexed. Again, we weren't doing anything different, really. Nothing to keep her from bouncing back.

Then three weeks went by. No change.

When things like this happen, you can't help but be a little sad, a bit mournful. Is the honeymoon over? We almost made 6 good months! Is this the end of Felbamate? Why isn't it helping her?

Questions. There's always questions.

Well, at least if you're me.

But I don't expect a whole lot of them to get answered anymore. I'm just rolling with the punches, taking things as they come. Not getting all riled up or upset.

Just accepting the par for the course, I guess.


Today, I awoke to get Michaela up for school. I had passed by the cracked door of her room before I woke her, on my way to do something else. I noticed she was slumped over from the sitting position, her head buried in the blankets.

I know what you're thinking. And no, I wasn't alarmed. She does that all the time.

But she was obviously "out", and I dreaded having to wake her up. She will look and act extrememly lethargic, almost drugged, and getting her dressed is like a wrestling match.

So I went in there a few minutes later, a lo and behold, she was sitting up. Bright eyed, smiling, and talking.

Talking? This early? That clearly?

That hadn't happened for almost a month....

It didn't stop. She talked about a puzzle that was on the toy box, got herself out of bed, raised her arms for a clean shirt.

There wasn't any drooling.

She held her head up so I could brush her hair. She held a conversation. She crossed her legs and looked at a book while she waited for the bus.

It seems as though the slump is over.

Today is her 9th birthday.

Happy Birthday to you, Boo.

A happy birthday for all of us.


6 Months

This Morning...


Happy Birthday Michaela, you are my Sunshine


lisalwatson said...

Happy Birthday from lisa in Ashevile, NC

Chrystal said...

Happy Birthday Michaela!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Sarah said...


JeniBeans said...

AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! it's CHRIS in a little blue frilly dress! wow!


and praise the LORD! God has DEFINATELY been very good to you and I this week, Kell.

Denna said...

Happy Birthday Michaela. We love you.
The Hardin's

NH Mom said...

Those pictures made me cry. Happy Birthday my sweet Boo Bear. Grammy & Grampa love you very much

baSfsoGp said...

I had never realized how much she looks like Chris!!

Happy Birthday Michaela.

I pray for you often.

kas said...

I love you so very much Boo

tesiamaria said...

I love you SO much Boo!

Thanks for sharing your birthday with me!!!

Have fun playing with your doll AND her passy. :O)

Derek said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela! I love you!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela! I love you!

pushypaws said...

Happy Birthday (Friday)our precious Michaela. Grandma & Grandpa Morris love you more than ever. You're our sunshine too! And give your Mom & Dad a hug for us too :)

Dana said...

Friday was a very good day for her!! We had so much fun celebrating Michaela's birthday at school. She told everyone she saw that "I'm 9".
Happy birthday Michaela and Happy day to you, too, Kelly.

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday!! I nearly cried over your

J. No said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela!

Alabamabrands said...

Happy birthday!
You know I love you!

Danielle said...

Happy, Happy Day!!! You are a beauty, Michaela!!!

Omaloriann said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michaela! May you have many more! Looks like her daddy a lot! Didn't realize that!

NCgurlie06 said...

Aww those cute pix..Happy Birthday Michaela!!!