Friday, August 04, 2006

Man's Best Friend

And you KNOW there's just nothing like a best friend that won't argue with you (or say you're fat).....

Who can resist those "puppy dog eyes?"

Or that cute little whine?

You won't be "sick as a dog" with this little guy!

And I dare say you'd be in "dog heaven!"


So they're up for grabs now. We ended up with 8 all told. We'll keep one, so that leaves 7.

7 puppies I have to get rid of! Ack!

Not to mention Cassie. We're gonna be moving her on. She needs something we just can't give her. Don't ask me what that is. We just can't seem to get her used to us. Not like Cooper. Not at all.

So, we're going to keep one puppy, and surprisingly, it's NOT the pup I had originally picked out. The one I thought I wanted is still the biggest pup we have (affectionately named "Big Ben"), and he's very cute. However, his tail curls up like an Eskimo dog, and I really don't like that trait.

I know what you're thinking, "You're passing up a dog because of it's tail??"

Actually, I kinda am.

He also has a temperment that I don't want. Now don't get me wrong, it's not a bad temperment, but compared to the pup we ARE going to get, it's different, and we prefer the other dog. See, Big Ben like to be "his own man", and the other pup likes to cuddle.

We like cuddlers.
The one we're going to get doesn't have a name yet, if you ask me. Now, Noah gave him a name, but that one's for the dogs. No, I'm serious. It's bad. For starters, it's not the kind of name you give to a male dog. I won't even tell you what it is, but let's just say, there was a popular girl's toy back in the 80's with the same name.

Yeah. It's THAT bad.

Chris just calls him "spot head" because of the mark on his forehead. I'm sorry, we're not calling our family pet Spot Head---or any other variation. This isn't the World of Dick and Jane.

I really don't think anyone else in this house is qualified enough to name anything. Chris doesn't even really name the kids. I'm serious. If he likes a name, it's usually because I've mentioned it. The one name he DID think of, Libbigail, he made up as a joke! Perfectly good name, and he was joking!

I am the only qualified namer in this family, for sure.

But I don't have one yet. It'll come when it comes. After all the other pups are gone, and I get to see his true colors (instead of brief glimpses in the puppy pile), then we'll find a good name for our new family member.

I'm so glad this little adventure is almost over.

Did you know that 50 pounds of dog food feeds 10 dogs for only like, a week??


Dontcha wanna pick out a puppy? ;)


Erynn & Jake said...

Yeah! Save one for us till New Years Meeting and we'll pick em up!!
Give Jake another play mate..........course we were just offerd a puppy and my dad was like we've already got one puppy and a dog that's enough, and i'm like he's not really even ours next year this time we will be puppyless.......


Turnip Greens said...

They are really cute! Do you think I could talk my Dad into it?

cassie said...

hey hey im not that bad am i? and when did i become related to the dogs?

Alabamabrands said...

He wanted to name it Rainbow Bright??
Thats weird.

Maybe you need to ask Chris to make up a pretend dog name for fun- that way it comes out as nice as Libbigail.

Or better yet, I'd like to know Libbigail's pick for a name. If she's anything like my three year old though, she'll just say whatever the others tell her is good.

NH mom said...

You lost me on the girl's toy!!! What is it?
How about a name like "Bailey" for your puppy. Uncle Jim has a Bailey and I like him alot. Sooo, what do ya think??

Omaloriann said...

Awe, they are so cute - but then they grow up!! Too funny about the RB name! How about "Pepper" or "Bandit" or "George" or "Fido"
you can tell I am not a dog person cantcha? The one & only dog I ever had that I liked the I picked out was a black female chow named "Bianca" and along came "Jacob" - but we won't go there........happy puppy naming......

Anonymous said...

Lila and Lydia la gata would not like for us to aquire a puupy EITHER would Mr. Smith.
Now...don't YOU want a piano with a firm bench??? ;)

JeniBeans said...

I really really really really want one of those pups. I really do. You know...someone onetime actually GAVE us a kitten and said that I had told her I wanted one. I didn't. I actually HATE cats...and I KNOW I would never say that to anyone....but we ended up KEEPING it, just because they had brought it to us...and we have a soft spot for animals...wonder if you dropped one off over here if we would just keep it? hahahaha. er um...I might be in trouble after this post...

Hey, did you ever get me a birthday present? LOLOLOL just kidding. Now I'm REALLY gonne get in trouble at all this hinting. We can't afford one...but I want one. Waaah.

Okay, done now. Thanks for the figgies.

Rachel said...

They are awful cute... but the strict "no pets" at my place COULD be a problem!

Mir said...

oh, I really, REALLY wish we could. They are SO cute! And we need another dog. Ours is so lonely. But my husband wants a few months of sleeping through the night before we take on more responsibility!!!

jaim said...

Enjoy picking out the looks and personalitys while you can, cuz ya know, you can't do that with YOUR offspring, you just gotta love them even if they do have a curled up tail or an interesting temprament.

jaim said...

Yup I'll take Timmy